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Finding Exercise Motivation When You're Depressed

How to Get Moving When You're Low on Energy



5/28/2014 11:55:20 PM

I actually did this this morning when I was feeling a bit low. It helped me cheer right up. :)


2/5/2014 11:57:09 AM

I am trying


2/4/2014 6:04:52 PM

one of the things that helps me (although I can't tell you how many times I've scheduled then skipped or canceled), is to register for a workout class. Usually, once I'm there, I'm not going to leave, and I feel good after getting through the workout. While I do like to be in control, handing over the control to an instructor for 30 or 60 minutes can be such a relief. Now if I could just get myself to utilize your advice and try to do something every day, maybe it would become more of a natural habit.


2/4/2014 1:47:48 PM

Thanks for this article! Motivation is something I struggle with so much. It's an endless cycle of being depressed, being unmotivated because of it, and then being more depressed because I can't accomplish anything which makes me feel even more useless. Rinse and repeat. Lately I've been feeling so down because I'd really like to start doing pilates in the morning, but I can't even get out of bed before 8:30, which is barely enough time to get ready for work! Then I get home usually late at night and am exhausted. But I really like the small goal setting this article advocates and am definitely going to start putting it into practice.


2/4/2014 12:37:24 PM

COCO5304's SparkPage
Very welcome and important message this am. For those of us who do suffer from all that was mentioned, taking small steps is key-KEY. Knowing that many enthusiasts STRESS heart pounding cardio and daily routines that leave many of us still sitting, it's a wise person who realizes for clinical depression that message is lost.

Thanks for taking the time to encourage those of us who will find that short walk around the block more difficult than you think...but DOABLE! Depression robs you of the very things you really love as well as affecting those around you who love you. I realize how others who are avid exercise enthusiasts view US. Your looks are not lost on US. We get so should YOU. We're going to make changes...simply be there to help and not hinder,

Today I will take that short walk, stretch a bit and remember your words. Adding something every week is probably going to be what I can and will do. Small steps to regain health is key.

Thank you!


2/4/2014 8:32:34 AM

Thank you so much for this article! It is the little pep-talk that I desperately needed today! This is an area that I am really struggling with right now. I'm trying to get back into a workout routine, and I'm finding myself slipping back into my bad habits and not working out because of the depression. It's time to take a deep breath, put on some music and just do it!


12/23/2013 11:35:48 PM

LKURTS's SparkPage
Great article! This author clearly knows his stuff. His comment about telling someone with depression to "just get over it" is about as useful as telling a diabetic the same thing especially resonated with me. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard something similar, my mortgage would be paid off and I could still buy that vacation beach house. Vitamin D in spades!

Also super encouraging for those of us (like me) who may be feeling as if they've squandered their health (along with their youth) to note that this author took stock of his situation at the age of 50, committed to a healthy lifestyle, and lost 150 lbs. Well done! And thanks for the inspiration.!!

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