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Finding Exercise Motivation When You're Depressed

How to Get Moving When You're Low on Energy


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    Why can't people use a free grammatical error auto fix app when writing articles? I don't get it. Don't they realize it hurts our brains to read, "Just because you're depressed doesn't mean you'll to have to spend weeks or months forcing........." Please tell me I am not alone. If I am too picky than feel free to curse me to death.
  • thank you very much
  • Perhaps the greatest motivation to exercise while depressed is the knowledge that exercise is a valuable tool in fighting depression/
  • I suffer(ed) from depression for many years. What really helped me was 3 sayings I said every day several times a day (1) What have you done today to make you feel proud (2) Just do it (3) Fake it till you make it
  • Thank you Dean Anderson and SparkPeople for posting this article! I am GRATEFUL to not be depressed right now, but fear of depression is still a monkey on my back. It's waiting to catch me if there's ever a day that I let my guard up.

    After three decades, I know a good cardio session will put some distance between me and this bogeyman. Yet it's still hard to get those cardio sessions started; sometimes I'm even still afraid of my workouts before I start.

    Thanks Dean for showing me that I'm not alone, and reminding me that ups-and-downs are normal. I agree with DDOORN - viva la Spark! :)

    I would love to be exercising but I'm in to much pain from back problems leading to sciatica.
    That is why I'm depressed.The fact that this depresses me only leads to more pain probably.
    I don't know what the answer is to that.
    . I do keep moving doing everyday chores around the house.
    I'm afraid I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself today. Not good!
  • I live in an apartment with such a panorama of beauty that actually going out for a walk seems unnecessary. An accident triggering all the dreadful agony of Stenosis , arthritis and everything that I never thought i would suffer. An active, beautiful woman who looked and felt twenty years younger , I've aged twenty years in one year. Depression from chronic pain and the hard work of keeping up appearances, doing small chores. This article helped immensely, because that's just about what I am managing to do. HydroCinesiotherapy (pool therapy) twice a week is helping to get me out and about, in spite of the pain. (No medication reduces the pain, tried almost everything, can't use Cortisone because of inner eye pressure) I'm doing planks and small exercises as suggested and it helps immensely. Internet helps too. Thanks Spark people!
  • There are many many many good resources and places of help for dealing with depression. May I recommend one that has been helpful in my life: "Get It Done When You're Depressed" by Julie A Fast & John D Preston. This is a good book not only for people dealing with mood issues, but also for their friends/family who may need a little help understanding why "just get over it" doesn't work for us.

    For me - committing to just 10 minutes a day of SOMETHING exercise-y was the starting point. I cried through quite a few workouts, but I did them. Now I'm looking at Day 1,177 of my exercise streak and I've upped my minimum to 20 minutes.

    I hope and pray that all of you find the Key to feeling better.
  • Great article and exercise is really important for people suffering depression. I've been there and exercise helped me a lot. My tip is don't blame yourself if you don't exercise one day, Every day is a good day to start. Say this out loud as often as it takes. You'll feel silly but it does work.
    After my father passed away, a year ago, I got into a major funk and chose to turn myself into a workaholic, thinking that would fix everything. Well, it didn't, so I started going back to the gym. That served to be temporary fix because 10 months after his passing I placed my father in Arlington National Cemetery and, thus, put myself back to square one. Depression is wicked and when it finds you and slaps you in the face its difficult to get motivated to get "back on the horse" and do it again but I'm bound and determined to do it!!! No better day than today, even if its for 30 minutes, that's better than thinking about it I guess. So, wish me luck as I wish you all the very best. With the holidays upon us even the least bit of exercise can help curb a downer of a day. I know its difficult but have faith in yourself :-}
  • ITZEL4897
    WELL, this has help me realize that i need to exercise more, now that i see that it has help all of this people....i am getting fat i gain .5 a pound this last month , you know cause of thanksgiving . i will certainly use this ONE day!1!1!1!1!1! THANK YOU
  • When I'm depressed so much of my life seems to be out of control or beyond my control.

    What I love about making healthy food and activity choices is that I know that these are choices that are totally under my control, if I choose to take charge of my life.

    The toe-hold that this laser-like focus on healthy food and activity choices offers gives me a boost, a lift that spreads to other parts of my life.

    Viva la SPARK! :-)

  • It's very easy to say "move a little each day". But if you're dealing with grief and depression, and I've walked that road, you are paralyzed and the very thought of moving is like climbing Mt. Everest.
  • Thanks for the encouragement! You folks encouraged me to ride my bike for 10 minutes, including some arm exercises at the same time. It helps us to realize that we are not alone, but a part of an encouraging, understanding group.

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