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29 Proven Methods to Manage Aches & Pains

Self-Care Tips from Chronic Pain Sufferers That Really Work


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Great ideas! Thank you! Report
I am new to all of this..looking for alternative ways to deal with my pain besides meds. Report
Good information Report
There are some interesting ideas in there. Thanks! Report
great article Report
Very good and helpful information! Thank you! Report
Thank you for this information. Report
I appreciate the points provided. I also find fasting to do a body cleanse helps me to have less pain. These chemicals we are exposed to these days are not healthy. Report
thanks Report
I usually feel less pain after exercise class. I also use ice, my tens unit, and have a massage once in a while. It all only helps for a short time. Report
There are some interesting ideas in there. Thanks! Report
Thanks for the ideas! Report
Great ideas! Thank you. Report
I go to a physical therapist who works with me to help my pain from OA. I also went gluten free which solved a lot of my all over body pain issues.

Flax seed oil helps me as much as a NSAID, and I added turmeric capsules with black pepper. I also try to eat as clean as possible, and stick to a lower carb diet.

Water aerobics definitely helps too. So does tensing each body part for ten seconds at a time, three reps of ten. Report
Great ideas to relieve pain. Good article. Report

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