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29 Proven Methods to Manage Aches & Pains

Self-Care Tips from Chronic Pain Sufferers That Really Work


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  • Great ideas! Thank you.
  • I go to a physical therapist who works with me to help my pain from OA. I also went gluten free which solved a lot of my all over body pain issues.

    Flax seed oil helps me as much as a NSAID, and I added turmeric capsules with black pepper. I also try to eat as clean as possible, and stick to a lower carb diet.

    Water aerobics definitely helps too. So does tensing each body part for ten seconds at a time, three reps of ten.
  • Great ideas to relieve pain. Good article.
  • To #23, I also added Curcumin (95% minimum curcuminoids from Curcuma longa standardized extract)(root). The Curcumin and the omega 3s have been a huge help in alleviating inflammatory pain, for me. These were advised by both an orthopedic surgeon and board certified clinical nutritionist.
    People who respond "great" or "helpful article" are just after the points. This is NOT helpful. Maybe mild aches and pains can be helped this way, but real pain is not going away by showering or walking in a pool.
  • LRCOTE, it is actually an extremely helpful article. My friend was just hospitalized for bleeding stomach ulcers from NSAIDS. Pain has caused, and this article showed change-of-lifestyle
  • This is a lot of nothing. Pain is pain, one cannot wish it away.
  • I have a degerative bone issue in my column and all day the pain is there. I do mild exersice, walking outside or in house with a Youtube vĂ­deo. Then I take a hot shower to help pain go down and rub Arnica balm as a natural pain killer.
  • Believe in yourself like we believe in you!
    When I take a walk my legs and feet are relieved of pain after 10-15 minutes of walking.
  • I use some combination of most of the above. My doctor also recommended an anti-inflammation diet which has helped as well. Special exercises for my hand seem to help the recent nerve damage that the doctor told me there was nothing I could do about.
  • Positive attitudes help me. Moving slow and steady also helps.
  • I do a number of these. Like many others I have fibro, spine issues including the L4 has slipped in front of the L5, scoliosis which was noted when I was born without needing an X Ray. My poor feet have have had 22 surgeries ,,, 23rd Weds.

    At first I became ALL wrapped up in the pain !! It totally bought me down. Thankfully I was able to attend a number of classes to do with living successfully in chronic pain. I saw I was FAR from the only one who hurts. They taught me how to do house work without putting putting further pressure on my spine. Such as,, after a meal/cooking put hot water with a squirt of dish detergent and leave it there. Next time I go out into the kitchen,,,, they need a light going over,,, and TA DA they are CLEAN !! NO more standing at the sink to do them ! YEAH !!

    I also use a heating pad a lot. Also I buy biofreeze on Amazon. It's like icy/hot only it doesn't get hot.; It works SO WELL !! The moment it starts to break (The pain) I do stretches and beginners yoga found on youtube. I can put what area I am hurting the worse I am in,,, neck, lower back, hips etc. Many times I of course can't on the floor,,, I use my bed. Most doing yoga while sitting cross their legs over each other (Indian style we called it back when,,, not sure if they still do) ,, while I can do this, many can't. DO NOT WORRY about that, sit comfortable for you. It can take me from a pain of 8 (Pain scale 0 to 10 10 bein the absolute worse pain one can feel,,,, legs cut off during an accident type of pain) down to a 1 or 2,, at times even a 0 !! This happens within 30 mins ! The best stretch for me is to stand up,, bend over at my waist and hang down. YO EASY !!

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