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29 Proven Methods to Manage Aches & Pains

Self-Care Tips from Chronic Pain Sufferers That Really Work


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  • I use some combination of most of the above. My doctor also recommended an anti-inflammation diet which has helped as well. Special exercises for my hand seem to help the recent nerve damage that the doctor told me there was nothing I could do about.
  • Positive attitudes help me. Moving slow and steady also helps.
  • I do a number of these. Like many others I have fibro, spine issues including the L4 has slipped in front of the L5, scoliosis which was noted when I was born without needing an X Ray. My poor feet have have had 22 surgeries ,,, 23rd Weds.

    At first I became ALL wrapped up in the pain !! It totally bought me down. Thankfully I was able to attend a number of classes to do with living successfully in chronic pain. I saw I was FAR from the only one who hurts. They taught me how to do house work without putting putting further pressure on my spine. Such as,, after a meal/cooking put hot water with a squirt of dish detergent and leave it there. Next time I go out into the kitchen,,,, they need a light going over,,, and TA DA they are CLEAN !! NO more standing at the sink to do them ! YEAH !!

    I also use a heating pad a lot. Also I buy biofreeze on Amazon. It's like icy/hot only it doesn't get hot.; It works SO WELL !! The moment it starts to break (The pain) I do stretches and beginners yoga found on youtube. I can put what area I am hurting the worse I am in,,, neck, lower back, hips etc. Many times I of course can't on the floor,,, I use my bed. Most doing yoga while sitting cross their legs over each other (Indian style we called it back when,,, not sure if they still do) ,, while I can do this, many can't. DO NOT WORRY about that, sit comfortable for you. It can take me from a pain of 8 (Pain scale 0 to 10 10 bein the absolute worse pain one can feel,,,, legs cut off during an accident type of pain) down to a 1 or 2,, at times even a 0 !! This happens within 30 mins ! The best stretch for me is to stand up,, bend over at my waist and hang down. YO EASY !!
  • June of 2016 I made a pledge to myself to stop taking all pain medications, even aspirin. I thought the severe pain I was in from Fibromyalgia may have been triggered by over-usage of pain meds. Two days later I was at the doctor receiving a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis along with a worsening Fibromyalgia. Still, I told everyone - no pain meds. I treated myself with rest, self compassion, hot baths, ice packs, meditations, hypnosis for chronic pain, and gentle stretching. I also took all inflammatory items out of my daily diet ( high fructose corn syrup, sugar, wheat, corn,rice etc..) I added lean meat to boost protein when I discovered people with pain respond better to pain when they have a good amount of protein in thier bodies. I also began a strengthening program at 3 minutes a day using 3 pound weights. Pain was GONE the next day and has not returned. As I keep up the good momentum, pain stays away.
  • I utilize #20, and also use the chile pepper fruit to ease the physical pain mostly although the mental ease from the endorphin rush also allows me to enjoy life a little more. Both positives, and feeding each other actually. Woo hoo

    I looking to apply a couple new methods I see in the list.
  • Re suggestion #12--I strongly agree! As my PT says, "motion is lotion." It's hard to get started, but it almost always helps.
    i have several health issues. Fibromyalgia, sinus troubles & knee pain are the ones that give me the most problems. i recently went to a Psychiatrist for depression who could not help me because i'm already maxed out on medications. the best thing that he did for me was to refer me to a Psychotherapist who is also a licensed Hypnotherapist. yes, she hypnotizes me. and i'm able to do it to myself at home. the hypnosis amounts to "guided imagery". i am learning how to become a happier person, focusing less on my physical problems. the negative feelings have been replaced by positive feelings that are helping to control my physical problems. it's not a cure, but it has been a blessing for me!!!!!!!
  • Wonderful and helpful suggestions! I especially like #27!
  • I use many of these but the "get enough sleep" is something I can't do because of the pain. I have Fibro, bursitis, and arthritis of the spine so there is NO position that's comfortable.
  • RAINBOW700
    I definitely can relate to pain management. There is a new natural pain relief product which will be coming out in 2016. Look out for it.
    Since I have lost some weight, my back and spine doesn't hurt as much. I don't lift anything heavy to irritate my neck.(spurs grew on the disc). Take some Motrin's and I sitting still is helping. I'm always moving around doing something. Learning how to relax. Have more good days then bad now.
  • I use heating pads in bed, a heated throw in the living room, braces on my fingers, wrists, and ankles, I alternate with Excedrin and Ibuprofen, I take Celebrex and Cymbalta from my doctor, I use an infrared massager on my muscles, drink fresh ginger root tea, and rub on Aspercreme. I can't use a TENS unit because I also have epilepsy. It may sound crazy, but I've found holding clear quartz crystals and concentrating my pain into them really helps, too. Sometimes I've had luck with tumeric capsules, while other times they didn't seem to do as much. I use a walker most of the time, and I just turned 34 three days ago.
  • I don't care if it's all in my head but my magnetic hematite bracelet really helps with my carpal tunnel and arthritis in my hands.
  • My tens-unit helps, yoga stretching upon waking, Calcium and vitaD has also helped.
    Losing weight has helped reduce the pain in my back and my knees.

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