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29 Proven Methods to Manage Aches & Pains

Self-Care Tips from Chronic Pain Sufferers That Really Work


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  • I have a degerative bone issue in my column and all day the pain is there. I do mild exersice, walking outside or in house with a Youtube vĂ­deo. Then I take a hot shower to help pain go down and rub Arnica balm as a natural pain killer.
  • Believe in yourself like we believe in you!
    When I take a walk my legs and feet are relieved of pain after 10-15 minutes of walking.
  • I use some combination of most of the above. My doctor also recommended an anti-inflammation diet which has helped as well. Special exercises for my hand seem to help the recent nerve damage that the doctor told me there was nothing I could do about.
  • Positive attitudes help me. Moving slow and steady also helps.
  • I do a number of these. Like many others I have fibro, spine issues including the L4 has slipped in front of the L5, scoliosis which was noted when I was born without needing an X Ray. My poor feet have have had 22 surgeries ,,, 23rd Weds.

    At first I became ALL wrapped up in the pain !! It totally bought me down. Thankfully I was able to attend a number of classes to do with living successfully in chronic pain. I saw I was FAR from the only one who hurts. They taught me how to do house work without putting putting further pressure on my spine. Such as,, after a meal/cooking put hot water with a squirt of dish detergent and leave it there. Next time I go out into the kitchen,,,, they need a light going over,,, and TA DA they are CLEAN !! NO more standing at the sink to do them ! YEAH !!

    I also use a heating pad a lot. Also I buy biofreeze on Amazon. It's like icy/hot only it doesn't get hot.; It works SO WELL !! The moment it starts to break (The pain) I do stretches and beginners yoga found on youtube. I can put what area I am hurting the worse I am in,,, neck, lower back, hips etc. Many times I of course can't on the floor,,, I use my bed. Most doing yoga while sitting cross their legs over each other (Indian style we called it back when,,, not sure if they still do) ,, while I can do this, many can't. DO NOT WORRY about that, sit comfortable for you. It can take me from a pain of 8 (Pain scale 0 to 10 10 bein the absolute worse pain one can feel,,,, legs cut off during an accident type of pain) down to a 1 or 2,, at times even a 0 !! This happens within 30 mins ! The best stretch for me is to stand up,, bend over at my waist and hang down. YO EASY !!
  • June of 2016 I made a pledge to myself to stop taking all pain medications, even aspirin. I thought the severe pain I was in from Fibromyalgia may have been triggered by over-usage of pain meds. Two days later I was at the doctor receiving a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis along with a worsening Fibromyalgia. Still, I told everyone - no pain meds. I treated myself with rest, self compassion, hot baths, ice packs, meditations, hypnosis for chronic pain, and gentle stretching. I also took all inflammatory items out of my daily diet ( high fructose corn syrup, sugar, wheat, corn,rice etc..) I added lean meat to boost protein when I discovered people with pain respond better to pain when they have a good amount of protein in thier bodies. I also began a strengthening program at 3 minutes a day using 3 pound weights. Pain was GONE the next day and has not returned. As I keep up the good momentum, pain stays away.
  • I utilize #20, and also use the chile pepper fruit to ease the physical pain mostly although the mental ease from the endorphin rush also allows me to enjoy life a little more. Both positives, and feeding each other actually. Woo hoo

    I looking to apply a couple new methods I see in the list.
  • Re suggestion #12--I strongly agree! As my PT says, "motion is lotion." It's hard to get started, but it almost always helps.
    i have several health issues. Fibromyalgia, sinus troubles & knee pain are the ones that give me the most problems. i recently went to a Psychiatrist for depression who could not help me because i'm already maxed out on medications. the best thing that he did for me was to refer me to a Psychotherapist who is also a licensed Hypnotherapist. yes, she hypnotizes me. and i'm able to do it to myself at home. the hypnosis amounts to "guided imagery". i am learning how to become a happier person, focusing less on my physical problems. the negative feelings have been replaced by positive feelings that are helping to control my physical problems. it's not a cure, but it has been a blessing for me!!!!!!!
  • Wonderful and helpful suggestions! I especially like #27!
  • I use many of these but the "get enough sleep" is something I can't do because of the pain. I have Fibro, bursitis, and arthritis of the spine so there is NO position that's comfortable.
  • RAINBOW700
    I definitely can relate to pain management. There is a new natural pain relief product which will be coming out in 2016. Look out for it.
    Since I have lost some weight, my back and spine doesn't hurt as much. I don't lift anything heavy to irritate my neck.(spurs grew on the disc). Take some Motrin's and I sitting still is helping. I'm always moving around doing something. Learning how to relax. Have more good days then bad now.

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