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How to Learn from Pain

Listen Closely to Learn what Your Body is Saying


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Good article. Report
Good article. I am one of those who lives with chronic pain (fibromyalgia, multiple fractures,etc) and have since the mid-90s and age and injuries have added generalized arthritis and a sero-negative auto-immune disease recently. I've always pushed thru, but am finding it very hard to do it now because I can't function with 4 hrs of sleep a night like I have done most of my life. Just can't anymore. Cognitive abilities and mood are taking a huge dive.

I'll re-read and save this. Report
Interesting when you live with pain it can be a challenge. Report
The four most important words in any marriage...
"I'll do the dishes."
- Anonymous Report
Great article. Report
great article Report
Wish I had known a LOT Of this when in a very bad car accident in 92. I was in tremendous pain, yet I did NOT listen to my body. PLUS we had no income coming in I "NEEDED" to return to work, but even than, I would of done things very differently.

At this point I credit yoga with helping me with the severe pain I am in. I can't do a lot of the moves so I change them around to what I CAN DO.

If you are suddenly feeling a Sharp pain,,,, please LISTEN to your body. Report
Also worth checking out are one of the books by John Sarno. He believes (as many have also found) that much of our pain stems from tension held in our bodies. Report
Excellent article. Thank you so much. Report
THANK YOU for this wonderful article! It was written, it seems, just for me. I've been having aching hip pain (around the top of my thighs) since last Oct '12. About six weeks ago i thought i injured my left glut but finally went to the ortho who said it was that PSOAS muscle that wraps around the top of the leg. I waited so long for treatment that my back has been out for the last week and now i am going to chiro and physical therapy and off my exercise routine. I must learn to listen to my body from now on. thank you again for sharing this. It truly helped me! Report
Love hearing rational, intelligent things like this article. Report
Wonderful article. I suffer from lower back problems and fibromyalgia. I have had tremendous pain and decided I couldn't live this way any longer. I went on the internet looking for solutions and stumbled across a book "Foundations Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence" by Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park. I checked it out at the library first and decided it was worth my investment. I'm not going to say that I don't have flare ups now and again, and that it was easy to get into a routine to do the exercises, but I am getting stronger, not having many flare ups, sleeping better and I've gone off all my medicatons. I'm living proof that it does work, but you have to get out of that chair and JUST DO IT and also listen to your body. Just wanted to share this. I hope this book helps someone else. Report
Currently with the fibro flare that I am having (cause unknown at this time), and have had for at least the past 3 weeks, I have just been putting on my happy face and continuing with daily things. Last week hit a point where I broke down crying at work because the added stress was too much. I have to not let it get that bad and let my coworkers know that I am in more pain. It is hard because I do not want them thinking I am just complaining, but the fact that I am at work with the pain should say something. Report
i agree there are positive things to be learned from pain - however in my case and many of the people i know suffering with chronic and often crippling pain - FIBRO AND RA - in my case, you learn too many negative things . they are coping mechanisms to be sure and very necessary to living your life as these diseases let you.
in a flare up - well - i am one big lump of pain who tries to stay as still as i can. i used to think stretching and walking were the way to go - but i sincerely cannot do that in a flare up. i use a cane - as i protest a walker - and i wear sensible albeit ugly shoes.
when i feel some what normal again - i do try to move my body.
i cope with good things INTO MY digestive system - anti inflammatories (drugs, foods and meditation) .
i notice i will over compensate with other parts of my body - which causes problems else where -
i still remember those days when none of this was an issue - and i want to forget that because it only makes the comparison so much more painful now. Report

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