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Sleeping Soundly with Chronic Pain

7 Ways to Sleep Better Now


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I don't remember the last time I slept through the night! I'm another person who wakes up every couple of hours (if I'm lucky) all throughout the night. Pain is not for the weak! Thank you for sharing this article! Report
I've tried just about all of those tips through the years but the pain wakes me at intervals all night. I can fall asleep but pain will wake me no matter what I try. I sincerely hope it works for others! Report
I have a long history of actually sleeping better with my cats when 1 or more (especially in very cold weather) comes to sleep near me or on me. Report
This article is well documented with a lot of links. Report
great information Report
I just completed a chronic pain course and some of these suggestions were taught to us in the course. Thank you for giving us some new ones we can use. God Bless. Report
I will try some of these suggestions thanks! Report
I've had chronic pain since the mid-90s and now that I'm older and have had multiple fractures, I have even more chronic pain. I've tried all of the suggestions and for me, sleep is elusive because pain will wake me after 45 min all night. I don't get restorative sleep so now my memory and recall is suffering so much that I worry I have early Alzheimers. The same pain that keeps me awake at night also prevents naps so I rarely get more than 4-5 hrs of broken up sleep ever.
The suggestions are very good for others, tho. Thank you. Report
Great info Report
Great information here. I have just registered for a 6 week course on living with severe pain. I'm looking forward to start attending next week. I can possibly relay some of this information to the class as well. Report
I actually sleep better with one or more of my cats on top of me especially when it is cold. They create a warm spot (body contact) and start purring and that can even have me falling asleep when I wasn't planning on it. Report
Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only love can do that.
- Martin Luther King, Jr. Report
Thank you- something I really needed to hear. Report
I was glad to see I wasn't the only one who can't take melatonin - I feel like TOTAL crap the next day ( like almost HUNG OVER - NO Thanks) and then it takes a day or two to feel normal again. I can take Sleep MD (not sure if its available outside of Canada or Z-quil but I usually only take 1/2 of a dose). They usually don't seem to bother me - a couple of Gravol pills also works. Report
I feel groggy as well when so take Melatonin to sleep. A single Benadryl pill )which is the same ingredient of all the over the counter sleep aids like Tylenol PM or Advil PM) is what I take a few nights a week. I use 3 different thickness and firmness of pillows. One for under my head, one between my arms that is fluffy and soft and one between my knees that is thinner. Report

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