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Protecting Your Joints During Exercise

7 Common Exercise Mistakes That Hurt Your Joints


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  • I've skipped out on stretching and rest for many months and now I'm paying for it.
  • These ideas are important. Joint problems take a longer time to resolve. Better to not get them in the first place.
  • Oh yes, overdoing it takes it's injury toll!
  • Thank you for the advice!
    Good advice. Daily workout and gym exercise caused injury in my ankle. I tried many home made remedies to recover from pain but was unable to recover faster. My injury became serious and my ankle was damaged. Then I consulted doctor. He suggested me to use compression sleeves for ankle. Then I ordered compression sleeves from Healastic. It really worked on my ankle and after a month I was fully recovered. Believe me, the pain for which I was suffering for about six months, I got recovered within a month by using compression sleeves for my ankle. With home made remedies we get relief just for the time being but for proper recovery we need a product which should hold the body upright and provide support. Thank you Healastic. You made my life happier again as was earlier.
  • If love is the answer,
    could you please rephrase the question.
    - Lily Tomlin
  • Thank you for an interesting read!
  • Thank you for helping me to stay safe and injury free.
  • Thank you for sharing.
  • All excellent ideas
    Thanks for an informative article! :)
  • I am sportsmen, so spends too much time on exercise, pain may be temporary but reaching the goal is important. I prefer to choose the best shoes for my sports so I experience less pain. Here is my website where you can find the best shoes based on your work type for reducing the foot and leg pain with ease.
    By doing exercise, our body becomes flexible, but sometimes by picking up the heavy load it affects our joints and gets paining. So, while doing exercise it needs to be careful.
    I thought high impact was only when both feet were off the ground at the same time--even for a very brief interval. Does one foot off the ground become high impact if the return to Earth is intense?

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