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Low-Impact Exercises That Burn Major Calories

Easy-on-the-Joints Workouts That Really Deliver!


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  • Swimming laps is my favorite.
  • Kettle bell seems to be the way to go. Have not noticed any classes in my area. I do love water aerobics and have built up great arms though that.
  • Water aerobics was an eye opener for me. I got toned really fast. But I do it four times a week, deep water aerobics. They employ tabata, a form of high intensity interval training exercise at the YMCA. Very grateful 🙌😀👍
  • Step aerobics is low-impact, but I never see any articles mentioning calories burned for this great cardio exercise. I've even had two back surgeries and hip replacements and have no trouble whatsoever getting a better workout than when I do spinning.
  • My gym does not offer kettlebell classes, Zumba classes, boxing classes or water aerobics. My gym doesn't have a rower or spin bikes. Can't swim to do lap swimming. Won't do yoga, rollerblading or rebounding. However, my gym does offer circuit training classes. My gym does have ellipticals and recumbent bikes. I can walk either outside or on a treadmill at the gym. I can dance to DVDs or videos.
  • I would agree with many of the comments here.
    As I have knee (both) and hip (both) arthritis there is not a lot amongst these suggestions that my physio would like to hear I was doing. In fact he would ban them.
  • Using the Total Gym as a rower ... not the best but a good start. Unable to do most of the other exercises for a host of legit reasons-mostly medical. I love to swim but am super sensitive to chlorine - my skin blisters and breaks open. Yesterday however, I did walk an extra 1500 steps - now up to 12,000.
  • I have been swimming in the sea at least 3 times a week for years and I mostly do the breast stroke, front crawl even doggie paddle and it's a great feeling!!
  • Great ideas! Except my Zumba class is VERY intensive. Not low impact, at all, except for warm up & cool down!
  • RETURNER2000
    Roller blading is low impact until you hit the pavement.
  • Unfortunately, most of these exercises can only be done by the younger people. Great informative article though. If I were younger, I'd love to try some of them!
  • Has the author ever even been around someone with joint issues? A relative? A friend? Anywhere to see what is actually involved?
    Because it certainly doesn't seem like it from most of these so-called low impact activities.
    Spark used to do better than this. Disappointed.
  • Skipping rope is low impact you only need to lift your feet high enough to let the rope pass under them.
  • On whether you'll get hit when taking a boxing class, you won't if you're not boxing. When I was young, I took boxing classes at the YMCA. At the end, each participant in fact did box someone else, and because the instructor was close at hand, he was able to stop any type of punch that looked harder than it should have for the level you were boxing.
  • Exercises for people with mobility issues can be found in this video:

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