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7 Things to Do Before You Lose Weight

Creating a Plan to Succeed


    I was able to keep my happy weight of 135 for 10 years by exercising and following a healthy food plan that I lost weight with. I just added a few extras here and there. Then I moved from CA to Fl and gained 20lb after a divorce and moved in with my mom. Now, I am older and my blood sugar and cholesterol are way up. Now I doing it for my health because I care, and there's no looking back.:) - 12/9/2014 10:00:54 AM
  • I think the key is to never give up - 9/22/2014 6:45:58 PM
  • Thanks. - 5/7/2014 5:50:47 AM
  • Great information. I've identified three things I never followed through on in previous weight loss tries and added a new motivation: the weight I gained back makes it so much harder to walk, let alone exercise. Add to that worsening osteoarthritis and I'm really ready to start. This is one thing discouraged people can do, but they may need more motivation.before they start. - 5/3/2014 8:21:33 AM
  • If I had to do all this before starting, I'd likely never have gotten started. Not that these aren't great tips but step one is just do something! - 5/3/2014 6:57:41 AM
    I don't believe this article was meant to be the whole package, it was just to make a plan so to say we've already done all this and it's not working is missing the point. If we're making good healthy food choices already then it's about portion control. I guarantee using the food tracker works for that. So since I know what works why am I still here at the same weight? For me it's motivation, staying motivated day in and day out., that's what I struggle with. - 8/22/2013 9:27:03 AM
  • I agree with JJJ and Christa. I have been doing most of these things for many, many years -- the regular, moderate exercise, the careful food choices, the pantry cleansing, etc., but that has little or no effect on my weight. Unless REMAINING at a size 12-14 for lots of years is some kind of a grand prize for not eating bags of nachos each night? The reality is that these little, manageable changes aren't enough to make a dent in weight if your life is fairly sedentary and you're a little older! - 8/21/2013 10:14:36 PM
  • Great info. I'm working on this right now. - 8/13/2013 9:27:15 PM
    I've done all these things, been doing all these things, and I just can't get below a size 14. The size wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't have excess fat in places that just refuses to flatten out! One day I'm a 14 and my clothes are baggy on me, the next I'm a 16 and feel like a bloated whale! All I did was sleep, and I wasn't eating in my sleep! Wish there was something I could REALLY do about this... - 8/13/2013 5:12:39 PM
    The phrase 'you have decided to lose weight' sounded very strange to me!
    We cannot decide to lose weight, really. We CAN decide to exercise more, eat different foods, eat less, etc.. - 8/13/2013 12:26:37 PM
    Great article! I'm def going to try these esp. Because I've gained back 15 of what I lost a few months ago :( - 8/13/2013 11:41:27 AM
  • I should have read this before I try to start my weight lost. Great info - 8/13/2013 9:07:18 AM

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