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7 Ways to De-Stress

Try These Tips When You Feel Stressed


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  • walking has always been a good stress buster for me. I need to get back in my routine again. No excuses.
  • I hit the treadmill.
  • Hot bath with fragrant Epsom salts and a good book is my ultimate stress buster. So much so that I installed an extra wide, extra deep jacuzzi tub when I remodeled the bathroom. It's my favorite room in the house...inviting and relaxing. Every home deserves a tranquil sanctuary.
  • I do get 3 out of 7 as a daily way of living. Talking to friends sure helps!
    walking is a great stress buster for me, I am going to try the other ideas.
  • Love these ideas. Will use these this week.
  • I do take walks.....
  • I retired from the failing city school system. That was the greatest stress reducer ever known to man. I then started healing from the stress-induced conditions I had started to develop, and I'm sure it had a beneficial effect on my blood sugar level. Other stress reducers are watching my cats do crazy and cute things, walking and admiring peoples' gardens, doing some work in my garden, online retail therapy, etc.
    I taught Stress Reduction workshops for over 20 years, and created these 22 "stress reduction quickies" that are very effective and take only thirty seconds to three minutes to do. The best way to use this video is to set aside two hours (you may not need that much time, depending on how long you "unwind") and go through the entire sequence in the order they are presented, noticing at the end which exercises had the greatest effect on you, and then practicing these throughout the day and, especially, in highly stressful periods.
    Y. I hope these may prove beneficial to your life. Dale Goldstein, LCSW-R, The Heartwork Institute
  • Perfect timing! THX!
  • I started reading to reduce stress. It works! Last week would have been another stressful week but it wasn't because I was reading and loving it. I love to read but stopped because of life making me so stressed out. Now it is all I want to do. I'm so glad to find my enjoyment again. It is a wonderful feeling to just drift away in my book to new places and adventures. RELAXING!!!
  • NEWME130155
    Exercise has always been a great stress reliever. Gran used to lift all her scatter rugs, hang them on the washing line and batter the life and dust from them with the carpet beater when things were annpying her. Much more effective than using a punch bag at the gym. When she felt better the house was cleaner too
  • Walking outside at work is a fantastic way to deal with all the stupid people. Only issue is sometime people cannot keep up with me as i stride along waving my arms around. Always makes me feel better.
  • Bio and lady, I can relate also. When mine started, I was telling everyone what was on my mind. I had no clue how it was affecting them. It was, badly. The depression lasted about 20 years.

    The shoe as they say, was on the other foot when one of my BFF went into a dark depression. That's when I felt what it's like to be around someone who is so far down. It's not at all easy. I was able to help her see she needed therapy. I also set limits on what she could say,,,well more the amount of time I could listen to what was on her mind. I had learned to NOT say much when I was deeply into mine. I found by not mentioning my feelings,,thoughts, I was able to make new friends and I became friends with the former friends I wanted to,,, I was very careful with who. The hurt was deep.

    I hope with reading any of this it can be of help.

    I do almost all of these things listed for stress. I found yoga,,, beginners,,,, I have way too many back problems to do more, help to distress myself. At times I do chair exercises, walking to help.

    A hot bath, good book,,,,candles,,,,I have to use the ones with the lights in them. Fire danger in a flight rise. I also use either an air freshener or potpourri.
  • PS: I spend time with the furry ppl who live in my house. I'm a house rabbit advocator and educator. Anytime I'm able to help someone out, I feel good for the rest of the day! I also quit fighting with the cat about whose chair it REALLY is (mine) and plop myself on rhe stationary bike instead. SOMETIMES ; )

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