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7 Ways to De-Stress

Try These Tips When You Feel Stressed


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  • -BENI-
    New to SP, Hope I'm doing this right... I'm looking forward to De-stressing! Great articles and enjoy reading what everyone does to help their stress.
    If I am stressed out, I go and read a book.
  • I love to go for a swim, or take a warm to hot bath.
    Good article and great comments! I love my little canine friend too. One look at her sweet face, and I can smile for the rest of the day.

    Some stress is unavoidable, but for those who mentioned that family members add stress to their lives, I suggest avoiding them. It doesn't work for everyone in every situation, of course, but I've personally been caught up in the heartache of unnecessary family drama, and I found that if I just avoid it, I'm a much happier person. It's almost too easy....just avoid them. LIfe will go on for you, and soon you'll wonder why you felt the need to stay in the mix of trouble.
  • I read to de-stress and relax. I open my book, take a deep breath and start to read; my stress melts away.
    I like just going outside, looking around at the sky, the woods, the mountains, and just thanking God for His wonderfulness.

    I'd hug my pets, but the chickens don't seem to appreciate it much. BawwwKK!!!
  • Hug your cat! Pet your dog! (Snuggle your pet snake! Really.) Animals are lovely!
  • I think the tips are good ideas. However I have so little time sometimes and family members that don't help much is the support area that my stress is difficult to get rid of. If anyone has any more tips I would be happy to hear them. Thanks!!
  • good tips my faith in God is a big stress reliever. Other tips I use are pilates, deep breathing green tea melts stress and it is good for you to boot.
  • Great info! The tips are simple, I enjoy exercising, watching comedy. Because when I am stressed I always like a good laugh. I also play with my kids, and prayer and meditation is my daily stress relief practice.
    In the list of articles linked to this one there's one titled "De-Stress in 3 Minutes or Less" and another elsewhere on Sparkpeople titled "10 Ways to De-Stress in 5 Minutes or Less". These both seem like they'd be of use to those looking for super quick at-the-desk solutions, like those concerned with stress eating or smoking. Hope it helps!
  • The best way for me to beat stress is to take my worries and concerns to the Lord in prayer. When I remember that I have a God who created me, who forgives my sins for Jesus' sake and who promises to love and be with me always, the stresses of this life begin to melt away and His peace and joy fill my heart.
  • Sorry I didn't realize others were of the same mind!!
  • Where is petting your cat??
  • Walking has gotten me through a lot of tough times. There is something so peaceful about walking through the tress along the river valley that can take your mind off of things. You set the pace so it can be a leisurely stroll taking in the beauty in nature or a quicker walk or jog to pound out some frustration.

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