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7 Ways to De-Stress

Try These Tips When You Feel Stressed


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  • @ladi_havoc: this is my first day, and while my stressors are very different, I have gone through the same thing. Before I was dx, even tho all of us were in therapy, I went from being a pretty popular founder, club president & sat on board of directors for a (now HUGE) fan/social/charitable organization..
    Now, I'm nobody, no friends, my "stress factors" have managed to drive wedges between family members (who I was very close to). So I understand what your going through, to a point. And MY stresses show no sign of improvement, one getting worse even 19 years later (affecting my finances AND my health.
    I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND. I WILL listen ( I dunno the site rules yet, but if the rules allow it, sounds like we could give being friends. Test drive, huh?

    Sorry if I wasn't supposed to say that here, everybody. As I said, fist day. Thanks!
  • Six mile hike today on my Birthday keeps the stress level down for sure! I always feel a lot better after exercise.
  • I started journaling when my "friends" didn't want to hear about my depression over the death of my husband. Now I'm all alone with no friends because I'm afraid to tell anyone how I feel.
  • Taking a walk is one of the best stress busters for me. Start my day now walking our dog and that seems to set me up for a stress free day.
  • I've been de-stressing by walking every day. I also made a promise to myself to write a Spark blog every day. Both are good for me because I'm disabled and don't work. My days can easily spiral into doing nothing. These have been helpful for me.
  • I de-stress by cleaning my house! I turn some music on, get my son dancing with me, & get going! We make a day of it!
  • MAGENTA4212
    Definitely walking and petting my dogs - preferably at the same time
    oh and swimming in our pool - just floating and relaxing
  • Whoever is responsible for your article images probably watched the shake weight commercials without laughing.
  • Playing my ukulele is my escape. :)
    A relaxer for me is my adult coloring book. I can get totally engrossed in it.
  • Color in. A coloring book.
    I agree with dog hugging! Our dog loves to be petted, massaged LOL You can't be stressed when your stroking silky ears and looking into soulful eyes.
  • Hugging my dog always helps. He's always willing to give me some love (unwanted doggy kisses!) or just lies there while I hug him and that always puts me in a good mood.

    Reading while listening to soothing music is also a big help.

    One time I made pie when I was fuming after an argument with my brother. The whole process of beating ingredients together calmed me down in the end.
    I would add meditation to that list. I have been practising mindfulness off and on for a few years and it has been a life-saver.
  • Don't you love that last sentence!!! Cute!

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