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Sweet Relief: Simple Pain Relief Strategies

8 Ways to Treat Chronic Pain


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  • Thank you, this article was very helpful.
  • Great article!! Thank you!!
  • Sleep is my number one issue. I keep waking up because of the pain. I simply can't get comfortable in any position. Movement is the only thing that helps with the pain.
  • Yes, i've tried many of these options. They are all pretty great.
  • Article was spot on for several things, let me add a few more - along the lines of heat - for a pretty low cost your local drug store/super store might have some of these things - a paraffin dip for hands and feet, a foot bath with heater and massage, some chilies for tea. The heat sends out the endorphins and can be better than a glass of wine with much less calories.
    TENS machines are a winning both for pain and headache distraction (people that hate these, you have them turned up too high, just gentle nudges).
    In bed slow exercises in the morning before your feet ever hit the floor. Gentle, super gentle. Rub down your whole body to get blood flowing and keep a heat pad near by to deal with areas in the night that are numb and tingling. You need to set you clock 20 minutes earlier to get this done. But so worth in.
    Dance in your dreams. When you go to bed at night allow your brain the luxury of seeing yourself moving, doing your favorite thing. Dream the dream that things can get better.
  • An informative article. I would have to pick and choose which ones I would try. Hypnosis is completely out of the question. Setting the alarm on my phone wouldn't work, either, because if I'm really busy with a project, I'd either ignore it, or be tempted to throw the phone across the room.
  • Thanks, this is a great article! I loved the comprehensive information, especially that you mentioned hypnosis. A lot of people get relief from that. You might have added something about acupuncture, it's becoming very widely used. My nurse practitioner referred me to an acupuncturist and it was paid for by my insurance. Thank you for all the great tips!

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