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Bad Mood Busters: 35 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Mood

Easy Ways to Feel Better Fast


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great ideas Report
Very interesting article Report
Great information. Report
Thank you for putting this list together! Report
Food allergy with a milder reaction level (not requiring immediate injections) might be an interesting concept. I have known I am lactose intolerant for years so that prevents me from overdoing dairy treats and I have a number of allergies of the inhalant and contact varieties ... and I developed an allergy to allergy shots and everything else developed with pooled human serum. It seems I lack a human antigen very common in the population and now I have lots of antibodies against it so I have major systemic reactions against it after SQ injections of any serum based injections. I do remember having a worsening of allergy symptoms on allergy shots and a lot of arm swelling before I did the generalized puffyness thing. They were never able to step up the levels or space the injections out as they normally do the patient series with me so I guess the allergy took time in developing. They tested me on a number of new batches but the reaction was there so I was discontinued and felt much better without them. I just get to use antihistamines and attempted avoidance, and yes not all antihistamines work the same. Report
tHANKS! Report
GREAT Report
thanks. Report
Great ideas Report
Great ideas! Thanks Report
Many helpful ideas Report
I was hoping this article would have some real advice rather than just the opinions of members. Report
A good outdoor hike always boosts my mood. Report
Great article Report
Sometimes, some of these ideas are very helpful. Sometimes dealing with a perceived cause is helpful too. Report

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