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Can Depression be Prevented?

5 Ways to Help Prevent Depression


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I have now read two SparkPeople articles on depression, and I have come to one conclusion. Neither author has had any experience with depression. I'm tired of putting on a happy face and pretending that everything is okay. I'm tired of being told to seek out medication. Exercise doesn't help when you just don't see the point in it. It's horrible having no one to talk to. All of the therapists I know around here are religious, and as an atheist, that's the last thing I need. So, realistically, what do you do? Learn to live with the fact that the sun will never shine on your life again. Report
Wonderful article about depression.As one who deals with depression on a daily basis. You have hit some good points..and yes having a positive mindset is one of the keys Report
good article Report
Incredible change happen in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over. - Steve Maraboli ~ 2/16/18 Report
Having struggled with deppression for many years, much of the information stated here is familiar and true for me.
It is important for me to be aware of my symptoms so I can evaluate my circumstances and adjust my routines and get extra support if needed.
I have come to accept it not as a negative curse but part of my make up and to not make it worse by blaming myself which also helps me to continue to move forward and have successes.
Now I can hope in victories when I feel stuck. Report
As a genetically programmed-toward-depression being,I agree that this article is good for the other guy. Exercise is good for the body and soul; eating right is also good for the body and soul; putting on a happy face is good for appearances. Report
One of the better articles on depression. The advice mirrors what Dr. Ahmed and others have said.There are many types of depression as well as causes. I have "danced" with the dragon of depression for many years. I do not take medicine because I've found my balance and can easily tell when it is starting to come on. I know what to do. My number one method is exercising. Number two is getting enough sleep. Number three is building positive relationships around me. Number four is getting outdoors in light at least 15 minutes or more per day. Report
I agree with what has just been said. Most depression/anxiety is a medical issue. Report
While most of these are excellent ways to help offset depressive tendencies, it is important to recognize that clinical depression is a disease, just as other biological diseases. Telling the depressed individual to "cheer up and think positively" is detrimental to his/her recovery, while a positive attitude once recovered is helpful. Report

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