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Myths about Depression

6 Misunderstandings about Depression and its Treatments


  • This kind of articles just aggravate me so much. There is all kinds of evidence coming out now that depression has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with brain chemicals and the psychiatrists and drug companies have led us down a garden path about what depression really is not therefore drugging us out of the ability to cure ourselves of it. I would suggest until you can prove the chemical imbalance theory which is total hogwash (and there isn't a clinic trial or test that can prove it), you quit promoting a lie. Depression is not a disease and there are doctors all over the world who are now fighting back with this misleading information. I used to be depressed and am no longer. I was not diseased or mentally ill and needed no drugs to cure myself. These depression drugs kill hundreds of thousands of people so quit promoting something you could not prove if you tried. - 1/5/2014 10:47:55 PM

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