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Hitting That Big Old Wall

How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Stopping


  • I agree with anniemovie gal, this doesn't apply to weight loss in my opinion.
    I've hit that place where I am disoreinted with this journey and find myself slipping bit. - 10/6/2010 10:05:30 AM
  • CHENAE02
    I think it is a great article. - 10/6/2010 5:08:20 AM
  • I don't really agree with this article to be honest. Yes, it applies to running or working out, but not necessarily to weight loss, because if you associate the journey too much with pain and difficulty then you will eventually hate it and give up. Once it's about willpower you've already lost the battle. You have to find ways to live, forever, with eating healthier and having other healthy habits, and if you're finding it too difficult to keep going then it's worth stopping to consider why, and what you might change that will make it more tolerable. - 10/6/2010 4:49:28 AM
  • Great article. I had a really hard time running this morning and I was using some of those strategies (run to the next tree, etc.). I was feeling down about how hard it was, so it's good to know others go through this too. - 9/8/2010 9:16:17 PM
    Thanks, just what I needed today. - 5/6/2010 11:24:56 AM
  • I don't like to lie to myself, I'm too smart to believe me. When I had a lot of weight to lose I knew the plateaus were temporary and I would just add an exercise or shake up my meal-plans... now that I'm basically at my goal, eh, not losing weight is better then gaining weight, I just wait it out or if the trend continues for a few weeks then I know I have to step up my game if I want more results. - 5/6/2010 9:49:14 AM
  • great article! :)

    - 4/9/2010 7:17:30 PM
    Julie, I totally LOVED this article. It was SO what I needed. Especially the part about "don't think," and "just keep moving" . Thankyou thankyou thankyou... - 1/8/2010 9:46:04 PM
  • Very true, very insightful. Those who fail are those who don't even make the attempt, or who suffer from perfectionistic standards.

    For me, it's more important that I set a goal, and work towards it no matter how long it takes.

    - 1/8/2010 3:09:45 PM
  • So true, so true. I definitely hit a wall the last time I went hiking (I took a very steep trail up Vermont highest peak). I went with one of my closest friends, and we took turns coaching each other up the mountain. The key was that we never stopped, and kept telling ourselves, "After we get to the top, we can tell EVERYONE 'I conquered that' every time we look on Mansfield." No negativity was allowed, and we were SO proud to have made it!! - 10/6/2009 3:33:18 PM
  • What a great article, it translates to LIFE! Just keep on Keeping On! (70's talk) I loved IT! - 10/6/2009 1:14:50 PM
  • Another site I read just posted an article similar to this. The author quoted Woody Allen as saying "Eighty percent of success is just showing up." I think it's brilliant advice, and it goes hand-in-hand with this. No matter how nasty I feel, if I just lace up my shoes and go, in about 5 minutes I've hit my stride, and then I feel so much better afterward (not only a good workout, but a little bit of pride to boot!) Same thing goes for practicing my clarinet! If I tell myself, "Just a half hour" and actually sit down and start playing, odds are I go way over. Or dieting. Plan out my meals and then just do it, don't think about it, and then I feel great anyway. If I find that I still have trouble with the willpower thing, that's when I try to find another path toward my goal and see if I like that better. But this article is definitely spot-on! - 10/6/2009 12:21:30 PM
  • The concept of the wall can be applied to so much more than just running - it can be applied to just about everything in life. There will always be walls standing in our way...the question becomes, can I climb over that wall? - 10/6/2009 9:50:35 AM
  • Great article! Even though I'm not training for a race (yet), the message remains the same... Keep Plugging On!

    - 2/4/2009 3:03:33 PM
  • "If it was easy, everyone could do it." Thank you for this, Julie! It helps me remember that I chose to work this hard, and I will continue even when the going gets rough. - 10/6/2008 10:59:27 PM

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