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Hitting That Big Old Wall

How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Stopping


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  • Oh yes, i can relate to that one and this was exactly the motivation I needed now! Thanks
  • Yes! Don't think about the wall, don't stop and look at the hard stuff--just do, just go, focusing on what comes ahead. I also use the "just this much more" technique--sometimes even when I'm doing housework--and then it's done!!
    There's no marathon for me but I'm at that wall in and have been for a whil, but I find myself between a rock and a hard place.. can't go back and can't seem to master myself to go forward and so much depends on me keeping on. It's too easy to look at the negatives-- too much weight, too little effort to exercise, recovering from breast cancer surgery, raising 2 as a single parent....once I felt like Wonder Woman.. now I wonder: woman, can you keep on. I'd like to pull up the covers.. but someone has to do the pay the, l roll out of bed hoping today is the day that I see the light at the end.
  • Perfect timing, I have had a rough year, I would say I "hit the wall". But I'm not giving up and am slowing coming back! Great Article, I have sent it to many.

  • thanks- as a runner as well- I totally understand and endorse everything you said- it is so applicable to every aspect of fitness, weight loss and life in general- Valuable life skills to be learned here.
  • PAM_S_
    This is a keeper. I don't need it today, but there will come a time when I'm going to need to read this again more than ever. Pam
  • This is a motivating article! I'm saving it for the times I will feel like giving up, or that I am not accomplishing what I need to do...or just for a pick me up!
  • I feel this article was on target we have to keep on looking straight ahead, we are different people everyday and have to focus on improving ourselves.
  • IBETH1
    Thanks for this article, and for the great comments. I am struggling right now, but now I'm starting to feel more like I can keep moving forward.
  • This article was right on time. Thanks!!!
  • This article really helped me, thanks!
  • I'm not huge on exercise, but I do it cause I need to. When I get tired and just do NOT want to do any more I say, I can quit whenever I want to ... as long as I keep walking (or biking or whatever)! LOL It's silly but physiologically it works for me :D
  • I use that last trick and it works really well! I hate running, but am trying to get ready to do a 10k marathon, so I'm using the treadmill. I watch the numbers it shows: calories; distance; minutes... Almost without effort, I tell myself I'll keep going at this level until I reach 1 mile, then I notice it's not too far to x number of calories, so I'll move past the first little goal. I keep seeing little hurdles to keep going and it's not nearly so hard and before I know it, I see there's only a few more minutes left before I'm finished my allotted time on the machine and surely I can keep it up until then! And it wasn't so bad after all!! Great article!
  • I hit the wall at mile 19 at the Nike Women's marathon last year and it was about 3 miles before I stopped crying, but I kept pushing and somehow still finished under my goal time! I'm gearing up to start training for my 2nd marathon next month :)

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