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Hitting That Big Old Wall

How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Stopping


  • This is a motivating article! I'm saving it for the times I will feel like giving up, or that I am not accomplishing what I need to do...or just for a pick me up! - 4/3/2008 8:21:00 PM
  • I feel this article was on target we have to keep on looking straight ahead, we are different people everyday and have to focus on improving ourselves. - 4/3/2008 7:49:52 PM
  • IBETH1
    Thanks for this article, and for the great comments. I am struggling right now, but now I'm starting to feel more like I can keep moving forward. - 4/3/2008 7:45:25 PM
  • This article was right on time. Thanks!!! - 4/3/2008 5:45:37 PM
  • This article really helped me, thanks! - 4/3/2008 4:18:53 PM
  • I'm not huge on exercise, but I do it cause I need to. When I get tired and just do NOT want to do any more I say, I can quit whenever I want to ... as long as I keep walking (or biking or whatever)! LOL It's silly but physiologically it works for me :D - 4/3/2008 3:58:29 PM
  • Great article. - 4/3/2008 3:03:35 PM
  • I use that last trick and it works really well! I hate running, but am trying to get ready to do a 10k marathon, so I'm using the treadmill. I watch the numbers it shows: calories; distance; minutes... Almost without effort, I tell myself I'll keep going at this level until I reach 1 mile, then I notice it's not too far to x number of calories, so I'll move past the first little goal. I keep seeing little hurdles to keep going and it's not nearly so hard and before I know it, I see there's only a few more minutes left before I'm finished my allotted time on the machine and surely I can keep it up until then! And it wasn't so bad after all!! Great article! - 4/3/2008 1:57:45 PM
  • I hit the wall at mile 19 at the Nike Women's marathon last year and it was about 3 miles before I stopped crying, but I kept pushing and somehow still finished under my goal time! I'm gearing up to start training for my 2nd marathon next month :) - 4/3/2008 1:42:54 PM
  • This is a GREAT article! I've printed it out so that I can look at it whenever I hit that "wall". Thanks! :o) - 4/3/2008 1:22:52 PM
  • Everyone who left a comment is exactly right. People will try to hold you back, because they are not doing what they suppose to do to lose the weight. THe true word for it is jealously, but they fell to understand what you had to go through to lose weight, they do not understand how bad you felt, or how ashamed you were of the weight. They do not know your story so they throw daggars at you, but I learnt to take that criticism and rejoice in it, because that means you are doing it and you are looking good while you are doing it, so when that wall comes, we all have expierenced it, but don't let the people who want to see you fail get that enjoyment. Keep it up, you look great. - 4/3/2008 12:18:52 PM
  • Great motivational article! - 4/3/2008 11:12:50 AM
  • I did a half marathon at the weekend, at 11 miles I hit 'the wall'
    It's true, you have to just focus, ignore everything else and just tell yourself you WILL do it, no matter what, the will to finish, not necessarily win, can be enough to push you to work your hardest!
    I did finish, and I was extremely proud of myself! - 4/3/2008 11:02:20 AM
    Hi Beverly,

    I'm new to this website and this is my first response. I needed to comment because I know exactly how you feel. Many people, even the nicest ones, get very jealous of someone who is accomplishing what they can't. They will try to undermine your success in order for them to feel better about themselves. If they are having trouble getting in shape and you are doing so well, they feel inadequate and will try to sabatoge you. Yes, you do need to derive strength from within. However, there are people out there who are also experiencing successs from their program and will be cheering you on. I could use a motivational buddy for some kind words when I feel like giving up and I'd be delighted to do the same for you. Keep up the great work, ignore all the negativity and I'm always here. Diane - 4/3/2008 6:54:12 AM
  • we need to talk to ourselves and remind ourselves. i learned that people may even be a little jealous when we get close to our goals and wish we would fail. i fell off and no one has mentioned anything to remind me of how well i had done and should gain that healthy way back, but when i was striving for my goal, everyone thought out loud on how i may have been over doing it. so, we need our own words and goals and encouraging thoughts and rewards. please, keep the vision and don't rely on anyone else, cherish the good thoughts and words you do receive, but, keep yourself motivated, no one wants this as bad as we do. - 3/17/2008 10:00:02 PM

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