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A Holistic Approach for Treating Depression

Using Meditation, Exercise and Other Alternative Therapies to Combat Depression


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good points Report
Very nice article! A short walk outside usually makes me feel a little better. I like massages too to combat pain, and may try acupuncture soon. Report
depression is not something to messed with, curing it on your own. always seek help from a professional. Report
Great advice! Report
Animal contact and required daily care can help some people too. Report
All supplements are not created equal, but they are not all useless either. Find a brand you trust and understand, no supplement is a "fix", just as no prescrip is either. Report
Please remove the portion that recommends supplements to help treat depression, particularly St. John's Wort, that stuff has messed up people since the 1980's, and many stores don't even sell it anymore. I notice Costco has downsized it's supplement section considerably, because supplements don't work, don't work as touted, and some don't even have the stuff in them that the bottle says they do. You always see people standing next to the supplement section at a place like Wal Mart, reading the ingredients out loud, and grabbing several bottles of this and that, and, because I read Nutrition Action, I know the stuff they are buying is useless. If you say something to them, they don't believe it and buy it anyway. Report

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