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51 Things Happy People Do Differently

How to Become a Happier Person


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    Thank you! I printed the article
  • Terrific list! I agree ... for me, getting outside and taking in nature - even if it is a walk around the parking lot at work - really grounds me and makes me appreciative of so many little details in the world!! :)
  • Great article, thanks for sharing. Life is short, buy the shoes!
    Be happy and share with your family and friends each day. Life is a gift.
    Irish Ei
  • smile " Peace on earth and good will towards all men. "
  • So many of these are right on !! Why let the past swallow us up? What does that really do for us? If the past was negative, it can bring you down into the gully ! If the past was joyful, but right now isn't,,,, it can ZAP any chance of enjoying life by reaching out to make it happen. If we live for the future (When I lose 20, 30, 50, 70 lbs I "Will be HAPPY!" is to throw away the happiness we have now. ENJOY the journey !! THere's so much to being in the moment !
    Many good points to dwell on.
    This a great list to print out and reflect upon in those moments of slump and doubt..Awesome thank you so much!
  • Wonderful article! Thank you, it is a keeper.
  • You make it sound like believing you can be happy is a choice. Why would anyone ever need therapy or anti-depressants if all you need is an attitude adjustment?
  • A quote I like (and I might be slightly misquoting this) is: There is no way to happiness; happiness is the way.
    Terrific list and a reminder that we are responsible for our own well-being.
  • There is scripture relating to almost every one of these suggestions. These are also all similar to the principles taught in AA!

    RIGHT ON! Couldn't agree more!

    (Just a little more proof Jehovah wants us to be HAPPY.)

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