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8 Healthy Energy Boosters

Feel Alert and Energized without Pills or Energy Drinks


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I like the ideas, that was given. I don't drink coffee and I gave up a bad addiction to soda. I appreciate the article. Report
Caffeine nap, now that's hysterical!!! That's something I can definitely do... Report
I especially appreciate the links so that I can read in more detail about specific areas in this article. Thanks for the research and article. LOVED IT!! Report
I like the bit about taking a nap. Amazing what 10-15 minutes with your head on your desk, or table, can do. Never occurred to me. Just push on through. Glad to have 'permission' to do what seems more natural. Report
water, natural energy Report
Laugh... take a few minutes to read or watch something funny. Laughter, especially shared with friends, is a great energy booster. Report
great. Report
Great article. Thanks Report
Great ideas! Report
Simple ideas that everyone can do. Report
Thank you for the ideas. Report
sun and fresh air for me Report
Great ideas Report
I'll be heading to the gym downstairs for my break. It helps a lot to go there on sleepy days. Report
For it was not into my ear you whispered,
but into my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed,
but my soul.
- Judy Garland Report

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