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8 Healthy Energy Boosters

Feel Alert and Energized without Pills or Energy Drinks


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  • It might sound silly but since there's always filing to do that's where I head. I place my papers on top of the tall three drawer cabinet and go through the pile for those that belong in the bottom drawer and file one paper at a time. The up and down wakes me up even if it's short term.
  • I work nights and often go for a walk after work to unwind, and I rest so much better when I can do this. Now that the weather I better, I often take my dog with me and she keeps the pace up so we both get a good work out. I also try to drink two to three liters of water at work so not sleepy in the night. Working where I do it is imperative that I stay alert.
  • great article , thanks for sharing. I tried the water thing this morning, but ended up I had to take a cat nap .Tomorrow I might get up and go for a walk .
  • Agree with it all!! I'm happy with a mix of 6days on one day easy. Sometimes a total R&R
  • Good advice I do stretches at the copying machine and when I file I do squats and bends
    drink water through the day
  • I spend a lot of time outdoors.....on my days off. My work schedule requires 12 hour days and it's inside. ......... The outdoors is a great pick-me-up.

    great suggestions will try going outside.
    Instead of drinking that extra cup of coffee before my walk I tried drinking some water and it really helped!!
    I etried getting up and walking around the cub i work at. It worked but I am going to have to try the caffiene nap too that sounds interesting. I know when I do yoga it revitalizes me as well.
    I got up and did some walking in place for 10 minutes today.
    Like PRUSSIANETTE, I took a lot of caffeine naps while going to college. I lived near campus and had a few hours between classes. I would run home drink a cup of coffee and take a 20 minute nap. For a middle-aged woman going through menopause that did not sleep much at night and got up early 3 a.m. it was necessary.
  • I found out the act of making coffee is what wakes me up. Just moving around a little does a good job.
  • Much better than caffeine, have an apple. Longer lasting energy without the crash.
  • I figured out the "caffeine nap" thing in the '80's when I was working full time and going to school at night. The only way I could stay awake in class was to drink a cup of coffee right before I took a short nap immediately after work--then I dashed off to class. Fortunately, I had time to go home before class. Many times that is not possible for people.

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