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8 Healthy Energy Boosters

Feel Alert and Energized without Pills or Energy Drinks


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  • Great ideas especially because I work indoor with no open windows
  • I always make a point to go outside every single day. It improves my mood instantly and just sets a good atmosphere for the rest of my day.
  • Really? Caffeine is "natural" . . . kinda contradicts all the articles on avoiding it, hey?
  • Outdoors is the best. Light, movement, nature, beauty, garden chores. Caffeine nap is good, too. I find that I need about 9 hours sleep; often I can get to bed early enough and get up late enough to do that all in one go, but sometimes evening meetings and morning commitments shorten my sleep hours, and on those days I need a substantial nap. Fortunately my hours are flexible.
    I find that most of my fatigue is from lack of sleep. I tend to make poor choices in food mainly carbs. It seems that to many carbs equals 2 hour naps for me. My strategy is to get more sleep and say no to all those bad carbs at work! I did well this last week. Ya!
  • It might sound silly but since there's always filing to do that's where I head. I place my papers on top of the tall three drawer cabinet and go through the pile for those that belong in the bottom drawer and file one paper at a time. The up and down wakes me up even if it's short term.
  • I work nights and often go for a walk after work to unwind, and I rest so much better when I can do this. Now that the weather I better, I often take my dog with me and she keeps the pace up so we both get a good work out. I also try to drink two to three liters of water at work so not sleepy in the night. Working where I do it is imperative that I stay alert.
  • great article , thanks for sharing. I tried the water thing this morning, but ended up I had to take a cat nap .Tomorrow I might get up and go for a walk .
  • Agree with it all!! I'm happy with a mix of 6days on one day easy. Sometimes a total R&R
  • Good advice I do stretches at the copying machine and when I file I do squats and bends
    drink water through the day
  • I spend a lot of time outdoors.....on my days off. My work schedule requires 12 hour days and it's inside. ......... The outdoors is a great pick-me-up.

    great suggestions will try going outside.
    Instead of drinking that extra cup of coffee before my walk I tried drinking some water and it really helped!!

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