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4 Bodyweight Exercises Targeting Your Butt

You Can Work to Reshape Your Rear


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  • Good exercises that got my heart pumping, but I got a little confused with number 2. - 7/30/2016 2:35:03 PM
  • Day 1 - Completed it and definitely feel the burn. Good workout, Nicole!!! - 7/14/2016 9:02:29 AM
  • Just finished the workout and really like it:) It got my heart going and I could do this a couple times a day. - 6/17/2016 9:07:12 PM
  • Completed 2 sets of the 4 parts. Looks easy in the pictures,butt...... - 5/31/2016 8:33:27 PM
  • RD2LOSE2
    I have trouble with the lunges because of a problem with my right knee - otherwise fine.
    - 5/25/2016 8:01:19 AM
  • This was definitely a good challenge. I felt the burn and I thought my legs were going to give out during the Sumo Squats. I am so out of shape, I actually started to sweat a little bit. Insane. - 5/8/2016 8:54:19 PM
  • I did it! It was easier than I thought, but this is only day one, lol - 4/6/2016 2:59:42 AM
  • TCHW17
    Easy instructions to follow and no equipment required makes this ideal for me ... add in the fact that my muscles knew they were being asked to do something and this is one set of exercises that will become a regular set for me! - 4/5/2016 1:34:38 PM
  • my thighs lol. - 4/1/2016 4:40:20 PM
  • How do you "PIN" an article so you can return to it? - 2/24/2016 3:22:05 PM
  • LOVE this one!!!! AND I really felt it working. I will do this a lot more. Every other day, I think. - 2/12/2016 3:38:48 PM
    Very hard with 2 bad knees, I bent as for as I could on the squats. It does give me something to work on. - 2/5/2016 1:38:53 PM
  • Can anyone tell me about how many calories "4 Bodyweight Exercises Targeting Your Butt" for 10 minutes is worth?
    - 1/26/2016 8:55:07 AM
  • I did it! I did 15 times on each one. I am not used to exercise at all so I knew right off It was hard but I wanted to do each one. I will try to do them every other day or a few times a week and build it up. I have no rear at all so I hope this helps. haha - 1/20/2016 9:39:20 PM
  • I might try this, but my butt is not really a focus area - and it seems to be a popular area to work in most of the workouts I use. Some of the exercises are good for strengthening and balance, which are both areas I need more focus on - so I might be doing them more for that reason but still reap the benefits. - 1/18/2016 4:22:51 PM

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