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4 Bodyweight Exercises to Tone Your Butt

Take 7 Minutes to Reshape Your Rear


  • I have bad arthritis in the knees and this works feel so much better especially after doing my kitchen renos for at least two weeks now. Yes they help! - 8/28/2015 9:55:20 PM
    Oh boy, will I find my true love after doing these? - 7/3/2015 8:27:03 AM
    This will be added to my evening routine! Yes. 30 days to my skinny jeans! - 6/22/2015 11:48:11 AM
    Start ou with very low squats till the muscles above and below the knees strengthen, then as you progress deepen the squat. Going to deep at first will hurt your knees. - 6/17/2015 7:02:11 AM
    If only having a toned butt would insure us our happiness! - 6/17/2015 4:53:09 AM
  • I have done HUNDREDS of squats- there are a lot worse things to do for your knees. - 6/16/2015 9:16:28 PM
  • #4 is soooooooooooo bad for your knees - can eventually cause knee issues that you don't want!! - 6/16/2015 10:31:24 AM
    Wow I tried this workout for the first time last night- I could only do one round and my glutes were burning! I never knew how long a minute actually was until I used a timer with this workout. - 5/8/2015 5:27:33 PM
  • I'm going to try this! It looks hip-strengthening, and that's really what I need right now. - 5/7/2015 7:29:50 PM
  • Butt exercises seem very popular! I do a lot with Denise Austin and other DVDs. The irony is that I don't need more work in this area, other than keeping healthy,strong muscles. My problem area is my abdomen above the belly button - post menopausal apple shape! More ideas on that other than a girdle! - 5/7/2015 5:37:31 PM
    Restarted my sparkpeople challenge today - measurements - food log etc and then saw these "butt exercises" - ok - done. oh the burn - oh the "why did you ever quit" - upward and onward!!! - 5/7/2015 12:12:44 PM
  • Can we use this in our exercise program and how do u find how many calories u burn ? does anyone know? sure was a killer on the legs, but willing to keep on going with this challenge
    - 4/29/2015 6:31:00 PM
  • Ask the Coaches to group exercises, compute calorie count and add it to discussion on 30 day challenge. There is a coach for this challenge....I am just getting "restarted" so I haven't looked but it belongs to who ever is managing the challenge or "wrote" it. Just a suggestion. - 3/20/2015 4:30:03 PM
    Just finished the 4 Bodyweight Exercises to Tone Your Butt and couldn't find where to post workout, and like some others have mentioned, how do you figure the amount of calories burned? Though my hamstrings were cramping and crying, will do again daily if it will get this butt back up where it belongs! - 3/11/2015 2:04:11 PM
  • So how do you figure cal. burn on the 4 Bodyweight Exercises to Tone Your Butt since it isn't listed on the exercise drop down. I would like to know since I am a couch potato trying to do some form of exercise every day. please if any one knows tell me. Thanks - 3/11/2015 8:25:28 AM

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