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Water 101

Learn All the Ways to Get Your H2O


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My sweetie plumbed in a whole house filter in separate cold water line to its own spout in kitchen. We drink this water with every meal, fill our metal gym bottles, and water house plants with it. Also, usin filtered water to make coffee cuts down on gunkie buildup in the maker. Using filtered water to wipe down sink and counter leaves shinier surface. Report
Great info! Report
Good article Report
Thanks for the information! Report
I just make coffee with the house water, drink that iced because it's summer, period. My dietitian told me all liquid you take in all day counts. It is not necessary to wear your poor kidneys out forcing down plain water every danged day. Really. Report
Think "Reverse Osmosis"! It costs some money at the beginning, (around $300,) but is easy to install yourself. It not only removes the things that taste bad, but also the contaminants that make you sick. Most municipal water is safe, but you never know when something will happen that will contaminate the water, nor how long it will take them to find out there is a problem. If you pay a little bit extra, you can get a system that retains the minerals that make water taste good, not tasteless. I drink water all the time, and love my reverse osmosis system. (It also keeps the water glasses cleaner!) Report
We have a filter under our sink with a separate spout for the drinking water. We have a lot of chlorine in our city water. I don't want to think about what else is coming from the old pipes in my house. The family loves it!

If I go to a restaurant, sometimes the water will still taste funny to me, so I usually ask for lemon to put in my water. Report
Over on G+, the picture is of muffins. This says, "Muffins for everyone!"; not a single visual word about "water". Why is this, dear SparkPeople Social Media Liaison..?? Why do we continue to get pictures that don't match the promised content..!?!? Report
This reminds me I need to change my Britta filter! Although I do buy bottled water for when I am on the go or going to a party where there is usually only soda for drinks. Report
I've got a Britta at home and I have a stainless steel bottle and another kind of bottle with a filter that I can fill up and carry with me. I can't stand the chlorine taste of our water. For work I found that even the so called filtered water is disgusting and has stuff floating in it and has a very foul taste. I almost always have Evian water. That is the only kind of bottled water that I find doesn't taste terrible, like the plastic bottle or something, but it is also very expensive. Report
Bottled water is so incredibly wasteful, it's disgusting that people have made it trendy. The fuel used to make the plastic for the bottles that end up in landfills, to never biodegrade. The fuel used to truck pallets across the country. Fewer regulations on bottled water than on your tap water, too. Report
I use well water. Report
I keep up with my water intake - about 10 cups a day. the only time I find water drinking challenging is when tryintg to drink it with my dinner meals. My husband and I drink a glass of water with our dinner flavored with lemon juice with lots of ice, marachino cherries with orange and lime slices. It not only tastes flavorful but it looks very exotic. great way to fool your taste buds! Report
I don't quite get the problem with water until I get some unfiltered from the tap. I am from
Arizona and used to pay extra for bottled water, then one day decided to try the PUR system and was very happy with it. I still do NOT like facet water, I can taste the chlorine..YUCK.
In Kansas at my son's home,my DIL said their water was filtered....but my very sensitive palate could taste the chlorine. In 5 days I have gone through almost 3 store bought gallons of water!! Report
"it is a mischaracterization to dismiss municipal sourced bottled water a rip off. While bottled water, including the brands marketed by Pepsi and Coke, come initially from the tap they undergo stages of additional treatment including reverse osmosis (RO)."
Hardly it takes SEVERAL liters of water to produce ONE liter of water. Not to mention the bottles and transportation etc. They paint them selves as being some sort of heroes when they basically do little to the water. They just want to pick everyone's pocket. Buy a water bottle fill it from the tap and you will be doing yourself and the landfill a favour.
If bottled water is SO SUPERIOR why is the NO net benefit to our health - it seems like until it was MARKETED , there was no need for it - funny how there had to be a MARKET created for it.

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