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13 Weight-Loss Rules You'll Love to Follow

How to Make 'Dieting' Fun!


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  • Sound, sensible & encouraging! Love it! - 10/15/2016 9:15:00 PM
  • Love every single paragraph of this article. - 9/15/2016 7:19:45 AM
  • I'm curious about #10. Do they mean, 30 minutes in a day, or 30 minutes in one stretch? Because I work out around 1.5 to 2 hours a day, but it's 30 minutes here, 30 minutes there, scattered through the day. - 8/15/2016 12:26:10 PM
    If you eat a LCHF,( Low Carb, High Fat) diet then your blood sugar stays stable and you don't feel hungry. The Doctors tell you only to eat when you feel hungry , eating frequently may be (MAY) a way to get fat! Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt of The Diet Doctor. I'm eating lots of veggies, salads, berries, , a sufficient amount of protein for my weight and have cut out all industrialized food. Cream in my coffee, cheeses of all types. Only eat REAL food. Lost 24 lbs , never have cravings, got more energy and feel marvelous, skin looks good, doing Pilates, Weight-lifting, and exercises at home. Love just love the way I'm eating! Make bread from flax seed meal and almond flour, or coconut flour.. Low carb! eat pumpkin seeds , sunflower seeds, nuts, I could just go on & on singing the praises of my lovely food. & how I'm losing weight without suffering pangs of anything! - 8/7/2016 12:09:42 AM
  • Love the article. Good advice - 8/3/2016 8:46:45 AM
  • This was a great article. Very informative and full of great tips! Thanks so much!! - 6/19/2016 9:12:03 PM
  • Reinforces all the things I've been doing. Glad to know I'm on the right track.

    Renee, I have yet to see you post anything but negative comments. Perhaps you need to look within to reach your goals. I also have limited mobility due to neck and back issues, but SP has many great sitting exercise videos that I love. - 6/19/2016 10:31:10 AM
  • AUMU95
    I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with #2...when I try to not eat things that I really like or really want, I end up going way overboard when I give in! So, if I want some dark chocolate I'll have a little. If I want dessert, then I'll have a little and then maybe skip it for a few days. Moderation in everything is so important. - 8/7/2015 2:06:22 PM
    Some reasonable tips, and I definitely agree with #3! Personally, I've had success with my weight loss using a light strength training routine moreso than anything else, but as #3 suggests, it's best to use whatever works best for you. The most important things is to approach your weight loss as a combination of habits that promote an overall healthy LIFESTYLE. Any weight loss plan MUST follow that principle to be truly effective. In fact, check out the following article that does a wonderful job of explaining the key factors in a successful, long-term weight loss strategy: - 5/6/2015 10:53:09 AM
    Regarding "the fullness hormone leptin," oddly, a popular diet product advertised by Dr. Oz has been marketed with the claim that it reduces appetite but it actually reduces leptin, therefore, increases appetite -
    inia-cambogia-side-effects.html - 4/21/2015 2:36:23 AM
  • Most people who can't exercise because of physical limitations can get in the pool & do exercises. Get on a noodle in the deep water & move your arms & legs. You'd be surprised how quickly an hour goes especially if you do it with a friend. - 4/8/2015 2:49:28 PM
    Wonderful article - v.uplifting! - 1/25/2015 11:01:09 PM
  • This message is for RENEETC1.. Put on some favorite fast music or a favorite movie in and ride the bike in style. It is also a good time to meditate or pray. I have similar restrictions to walking so my bike is my best exercise and I have learned to love my time on it.
    Joya23 - 12/18/2014 9:19:11 AM
    A very encouraging, insightful, and helpful article. Thank you!! : )) - 12/17/2014 2:06:54 AM
  • #3. I'm always amused by the "find an activity you like and do it". Well, I don't enjoy working out. I do it because I have to, not because I want to, so it's a constant struggle. I can't walk for long periods of time, treadmills are completely out of the question. I don't jog and I don't do windows. The only cardio I do is the recumbent bike and that is soooooo boring! What good is doing exercises that you absolutely can't stand, and the ones you used to do (walking) have just been about eliminated. How do you handle that? I dare someone to answer and give me some good suggestions. - 10/23/2014 9:48:58 PM

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