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The 15-Minute Gardener's Workout

Stay Healthy, Fit & Strong All Season Long


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Good article Report
Thanks for the help. Report
I love the garden so this was great! Report
I love gardening or any outside cardio!!! Report
Perfect timing! The sun is out, our last frost date is almost here, & I'm getting the gardening bug again. Report
Nice piece of information, now if it only could get me to like garden. I put ground clear on most of my yard because I dislike yard work that much. Report
I really like these workouts. Very helpful but how do you bookmark the seated workouts? I don't want to have to go to pinterest? Report
No matter how much I exercise previously, when gardening begins, I always have a few sore muscles. Report
Good information. I usually ready myself by cleaning my stairs. I kneel on my stairs and reach forward to the steps ahead of me as far as I comfortably can moving up and down the stairs on my hands and knees wiping as I go. I have nice clean stairs all early spring, lol. Report
I like the concept but I'd have to go to the gym to do the exercises. I don't have all this equipment at home. Wish they had picked exercises you could do with no equipment or one piece of equipment. Report
Have to remember to give these a try. But I have to really focus on them because I am so use to doing it my way. Report
Coach Joe - A couple of the exercises listed have different names from those in the actual fitness resource center. . . are they the right exercises but just have multiple names? Thanks! Report
Nice article. notice my snowdrops are in full bloom. Now, another storm coming my way. Report
I like functional workouts like this one. It helps me to have an activity in mind so I have something to work toward. Great article. Tnanks. Report
Yesterday, was the beginning of gardening season for me. I was out and about in my yard. Had to start early with pruning. Two major snowstorms caused some damage to a couple of bushes. With some TLC I am confident they will recover. By exercising over the past weeks ... I am mostly pain free this morning. A little stiff, but nothing too major. Love this article. Will incorporate it into my exercise routine. Report

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