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14 Tips for Preventing Gas

Pass on Gas with These Better-Digestion Tips


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  • For me it's a NO to beans, caffeine, milk and too much fiber. Beans being the worst even that I grew up eating them at all times. Beano doesn't work for me.
  • Beano works! I take it everywhere-just in case.
  • Most of these I don't do but do need to drink more water.
  • No one likes to fart in public.
  • 15 to 20 times a day is normal, wow! It's the order that's discomforting! This is very good information and, going forward, I will be mindful and share. Thanx
  • Good information. Thank you.
  • DESIREE671
    I wasn't drinking enough water and when I did, the gas problem was much reduced.
  • Hormones?

    I'm gassy a week before my period.
  • My cause of gas isn't even mentioned here... anytime I eat anything spicy, I can't go out in public without embarrassing. looks. Other than stop eating mexican food what can I do?
  • When I saw a nutritionist for GERD, many of these same tips were advised. Hmmm...
  • I was having a problem passing gas because of acid reflux and they gave some pills to take and I have no problem now.
  • I was having a problem passing gas because of acid reflux and they gave some pills to take and I have no problem now.
  • Almost anything I eat makes me gasey. I was told I had IBS and put on Zelnorm (sp), but it affected my joints. Stopped taking it. Started eating Activia daily and it helped tremendously. I retired to take care of my husband, and got out of my regime of eating it everyday\. The gas is back. Trying to get back in routine.
  • Just over a year ago I had Nissen Fundoplication, which is a surgery for the lower esophageal sphincter. Basically the opening between my esophagus and my stomach never closed and I had battled constant reflux and regurgitation since I was a child. Due to the nature of this surgery, many people who have it cannot burp anymore....some will regain that ability after a time but I apparently am not one of those. Talk about gas issues. I must be very careful about what I eat and I never use a straw. I never chew gum and I NEVER NEVER NEVER drink carbonated beverages. This keeps the gas to a minimum and if I do suffer from it, I do certain yoga poses to help or if it gets really bad, Mylanta Gas to the rescue!

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