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9 Foods that are Good for Your Gut

What to Eat for a Healthy Digestive System


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    Thanks for sharing
  • Not all yogurts are created equal. If you are watching carbs, Kroger has one called Carbmaster which is good.
  • Good informative article.
  • Good information!
  • I have recently tried kombucha tea and I love it!! It does come with a pricey tag though, about $4 a bottle.
    Wow, it's really amazing results. I had some doubts, when made order in this shop, but now I am calm. My order will I have in 3 days.
    It's so fast)
    Thank you for recommendation)
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    Pretty basic information - sort of "everyone knows that". Warning though - these foods can not be "blamed" in and of themselves. It is overeating them that is the real issue.
    Also be very careful on the probiotics. Who makes them and how are they stored - you could be wasting your money.
    If you are on medications, make sure your doctor checks out whether you can eat any of this touted stuff! This stuff can render your medication to be useless!! Don't just eat this stuff because some one suggests it!! Think people, check it out.
    I love yogurt and eat it every day. My favorite is Fage 0% fat-free plain Greek yogurt. No artificial ingredients or fillers, just skim milk and live yogurt cultures.

    I don't eat any soy-based foods. Certain types of breast cancer respond to the phytochemicals in soy.

    Olives might be good for you, but they contain a lot of sodium. If that's an issue, you might want to skip them.

    Some people have an unpleasant reaction to inulin/chicory root that is used to increase fiber in some foods - even yogurt. It can cause bloating, gas, stomach pain and diarrhea.

    So, look at your own health issues before deciding on jumping onto any food/supplement bandwagon.
  • For the person looking for yogurt without gelatin, try Nancy's. They have cottage cheese, kefir & soy yogurts too. We're lucky enough to have had them manufactured locally since the 70's. No gelatin, no rennet. Made in Oregon.

    It's hard to find in the big corporate brands, but look for local or organic ones. Good luck!
  • thank you for the information. I have barrets esophagus and heartburn gerd a lot. I will check with dr. on which pro and pre biotics are best for me.
  • Very good info here, thank you! I've never heard much about prebiotics, how you can't digest it and the bad bacteria doesn't eat it. It sounds important though, there's probably supplements you can take with them. I love to eat kefir, because it's so easy, you just drink it. And I'm a vegetarian, so it is very difficult for me to get yogurt without gelatin. It's just a huge struggle, that I've given up on finding a brand without gelatin. I'm serious about being a vegetarian, and won't compromise. I put kefir in a shake for lunch.
  • I LOOOVE sauerkraut. Just like CAT-IN-CJ's comment above, I'm also not crazy about milk-based; not because they're not delicious but because the companies add hidden sugar and man-made products created in labs. I'll generally go for artisan raw or un-pasturized cheeses and butter. I'm from Montreal and such products are available almost everywhere now as the demand is growing big time.YouTube is also FILLED with how to ferment your own veggies. Easy peasy and so fantastic for the gut!

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