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Common Foods That Could Be Hurting Your Belly

Avoid These Foods to Feel Better Fast


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  • Really good information contained in this article.
  • I am lactose intolerant. I'm not worried about it giving me gas, but if I eat anything more than a few tablespoons of anything dairy rich it is going to clean me out in about 35 to 45 mins. I know from experience to really limit my samples of dairy rich food. At least I have no desire for big servings of ice cream, custard, frozen custard or cheesecake to fight even though I do like occasional small servings!
    Sugar alcohols can be VICIOUS to your intestinal tract!!!

    Wheat makes me bloat :-(
  • "Don't believe me, you can find it on the internet."

    I love it. Reminds me of the commercial that says "they can't put anything on the internet if it isn't true."

    I'm not knocking what RFSLDS is saying. However, the burden of proof is on him/her to provide a link to a credible source to back what they're saying, not tell people to find it themselves.

    I do agree with RFSLDS that this article fails to mention gluten intolerance and celiac disease. My son was diagnosed with celiac in 2014. Prior to his diagnosis he was sick for months. His symptoms included stomach cramps and vomiting.
  • I am surprised no mention of wheat. Gluten intolerant? They use Roundup before harvesting our wheat here in the U.S. That way they get a larger harvest by drying out the wheat. Don't believe me, you can find it on the internet. That is why I think you see a higher rate of gluten intolerance showing up. Ten years ago you really did not hear anything about it. Now it seems like so many people that I know have a problem with it. When a doctor diagnosed my husband and my daughter for this, and they eliminated the wheat from their diet, the symptoms stopped. My daughter is so bad, she will have to spend hours in the bathroom if she doesn't stay away from it. To show you how our government is poisoning us by letting this go on, we had always heard you don't have the problem in Europe, where they don't want our wheat. We just returned from a trip to the UK and Europe and my daughter went crazy eating wheat products (which scared me at first). But low and behold, she had no problems the three weeks she was there. But when she returned home to the U.S., the first sandwich she had sent her to the bathroom. Go figure.
  • Avoid These Foods to Feel Better Fast


  • I was surprised to find what was on this list titled "8 Foods that might be making you sick"
    I expected common foods that are basically unhealthy - like suflites, sugar alcohols, old leftovers.
    I wasn't expecting foods that are considered by some superfoods for their quality nutrients like beans, onions, cabbage, dairy, bananas, prunes, wheat germ.
    These are foods which cause problems with people who are allergic to them, not most people.
  • Soy really kicks my tummy!! I can't tolerate it. I turned to soymilk as a way to deal with my milk intolerance while I was pregnant. But after some time, I began to realize that the soy milk or foods containing soy proteins would just give me a tummy ache. Later, I found out from a friend who is about the same height/weight/bmi had soybean issues and I realized we both had the same symptoms. At some point, I will spend the money for "official documentation" at the doctor's office. For now, I use almond, coconut, hemp or similar nut milks and rotate around through them (I don't want to develop an allergy to any of those nut milks either.).
  • The one I avoid the most is leftovers. Too many people from earlier generations caused themselves great harm with shelf rather than refrigerated storage. Today's packaging helps by specifying which products need refrigeration after opening.
  • Yes! I've known for 30 years that my stomach, and head, and throat hate sulfites. In the days when it could be added to salad bars, I used to get so-o-o sick every time I went out to eat at a nice restaurant. One time I even broke out in a cold sweat and had to lay down on a bathroom floor to avoid falling! These days the worst foods for me are wine, vinegar, most shrimp, coconut, candied fruit, potatoes from a box or bag, and some baked goods. It's amazing how many doctors still don't understand about this! Thanks for posting this article. Maybe it will help someone figure out their "mysterious illness."
    I have learned (over and over) that some things can affect some people some of the time. My second lesson is that bodies change over time and what I could eat once I can not eat now.
    Wheat products were the culprit for me. Stopped eating wheat and stomach cramps subsided, no more puffiness (whole body, including hands, feet, face), lost 33 pounds in only a couple of months. Further, headaches gone, so far, and sinus type issues have reduced dramatically, and I am sleeping much better. My hair and nails are also growing very rapidly as opposed to before, which means I was not absorbing nutrients properly (because of wheat?). Also hunger pangs not present as before, much better overall. :)
  • The picture of this gal's stomach in completely unrealistic, and it's stuff like this that leads to eating disorders in women. Get real.
  • If sugar alcohols cause you problems, you may have to cut down on the amount you have. Also, some things like fruit and vegetable can cause gas and bloating if eaten with fattening food. Why, you ask? Because when you do that, your body starts digesting the fattening food first. It just does that automatically, it's the body's first priority. While the body is digesting the fattening food, it leaves the fruit and/or vegetables alone. And then what happens? Well, then those things that are left to themselves start to ferment inside of you, which causes all of these little bubbles which get out of control! And then you're in pain! So that's probably why people started eating salad before a meal. There's a reason for this! It's better to eat the fresh fruits and vegetables before anything else, or separate to the meal and watch the amount of fattening food we eat.
  • Strange.. I guess maybe that's why I can't eat scrambled eggs anymore?
    i ate them almost every morning for like a week or 2 straight but then I started getting nauseous eating them. I haven't had scrambled eggs in almost 6 months or more :(
    They're so yummy

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