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How a Good Gut Keeps You Healthy

Want a Healthy Body? Cultivate a Healthy Gut


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  • Very good information
  • Very good information
    keybiotics are just a standard probiotic. keybiotics has 10 strands of 30 million bacterias. i find probiotics at wal mart for $20 that have that same amount. keybiotics are not a special probiotic that treats candida. any probiotics fight candida. its just their way of making you think they are the only ones who can help it. i suggest the ones at wal mart. they have done wonders for me. they are super strong and helped me feel better within a couple days.
    So....what are you supposed to do to get your gut in balance? What should you eat, any supplements to take etc? Good question about the garlic - we eat a lot of it in my house.
  • Good information. There are some other things I've never seen addressed that I think should be. 1: Garlic is often called nature's antibiotic; does it kill all bacteria, including the good, or just the bad? Or does it really kill any of it? 2: Horseradish is said to fight infections; does it have any effect on good bacteria?
    It is absolutely essential that the gut is healthy to feel good. I have personally witnessed how bad I can feel if it is out of order. In 2010, I had a thyroidectomy. Little did I know that that little gland has everything to do with how the body performs. My digestion was completely off. I had to find something to take beside the pharmaceutical meds. I am not one to take medicine, especially if I don't absolutely have to. So I went on a search for something that could support my digestion that was more natural. Taking probiotics and enzymes have absolutely helped me. There are many probiotics on the market, so it is imperative that you find the one that is best for you.
  • Is anyone using "Keybiotics" and do you this product is effective to treat candida?
  • Informative about why bacteria is good, but nothing about HOW to cultivate good bacteria.

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