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The Heart of a Woman

Heart Disease: Why It's Different for Women


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  • AHA offers a free Red Dress pin for women and Heart disease - to show support of Go Red For Women. Visit they will send it to you in the mail no cost.
    Thank you for your article. They did an MRI on my brain and only one doctor realized the white spots were TIA's. Now I am more careful. Timing is everything-thanjs again.
    Thank you for reminding us Heart trouble can happen at any age.
  • It needs to be added, that it is a known and documented fact, that doctors ignore heart attack signs in women over men. Women in pain are sent back home instead of being accurately diagonised by the medical, male-dominated, community.

    Also, that more women die of Heart Disease then Breast Cancer.
  • They forgot to mention back pain as a sign. When I complained of back pain, my doctor sent me for a stress test to rule out a heart problem before he would treat my back. Good article though. Women need to be aware of this.
  • PAM_S_
    Thank you for reminding all of us. I need to make an appointment with my PCP, it's been awhile. Thanks again.
    I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, which make me more susceptible to health problems. I also have to take meds that alter my blood levels and one of these is prednisone. I never want to be on this drug again as it has given me osteoporosis as well as high cholesterol even though I have always had a very good diet!! I also was VERY close to being a drug induced diabetic. There are many things we need to be aware of outside of our control that our radars have to always on alert!!!!!
  • I want to thank you for articles like this to better educate myself. I'd like to know more about menopause & heart disease because I had no idea it was a problem! I will click the link provided to find out more.
    wow I'm calling my doctor putting out my cigarrette and seriously going to follow some of these diet suggestions (not just reading the articles while drinking a regular pop and eating a candy bar) I've had some of these symptoms
  • I have some concerns about my own heart. I know that I have some minor heart damage at this point, probably from stress and from using antihistimines and decongestants repeatedly over 20 years. The last time I had some chest pain (while once again taking an allergy product --- because I can't work if I am sneezing my head off and can't breathe), I went to the doctor and she did an EKG, which showed "a minor inversion of the T-wave." I have limited my allergy product usage since then, but I still have to use them occasionally. This article reminds me to get another heart check. Thanks.
  • Around 1978, my mother had a double bypass heart surgery. She knew she had something wrong with her heart but because of the stereotype about women not having coronary problems, the doctor (a man) diagnosed her problem as depression. If it weren’t for my mom’s persistence, she probably would not be alive today. She all but threatened the doctor who eventually performed the appropriate tests and properly diagnosed her heart disease. Once he did, he realized that it was a miracle mom hadn’t had a death inducing heart attack. He rushed her into surgery and cleared her arteries.

    Yes, women can indeed have heart problems. Hundreds of them die every year. At the first sign, don’t delay. Take action right away.
  • If I wasn't motivated before, I am now. Thanks to everyone that has shared your stories because it re-enforces what I know "in my head" but don't take seriously enough. I'm need to lose about half of my body weight and my mother has diabetes and heart disease , so my risk factors scare me. With the symptoms that women can have, how do you know when you just don't feel good or you have an issue? I'm scheduled for a physical today with the family physician, but my OB/GYN is the one who really stresses heart care and I'll see him in a month -- Here's to life!
    Great article because my family history shows I am at a high risk for heart disease. Though I've tried to take many precautions, I'm 36 and beginning to realize I can't carry extra weight no matter what, even if people tell me I look fine. I might look okay on the outside, but the wear on my heart is not worth it. So, I'm working towards a healthier me! Thanks for the article!
    Great article, I'm 53 and keep putting off making real changes. This is a great wakeup call. I hate to think what is flowing in my arteries. Thelmalou
    I made it one of my favorites; it's nice to know the symptoms in a place I frequent so I can look them up quickly.

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