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Tips for Exercising in Heat

Stay Safe and Stay Hydrated


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Good article. Report
Also I'd say pay attention to your electrolyte levels! If you notice your sweat is 'saltier' than normal, make sure your diet is putting those minerals back! Report
Other tips would include wearing a hat and sunglasses, along with carrying water bottle to drink water part-way through the work-out to avoid dehydration - especially in areas where I live because we have 0-10% humidity. There are many times though where drinking water is so important during the workout, not just before and after - such as when playing baseball. Unfortunately I have to be very careful in the heat because I do not sweat. My body struggles to regulate core temp and I can over-heat very quickly. I am aware of this and tend to avoid working out in the mid-day. I usually head out in the late evening when it cools down. Report
Have to say, living in Arizona, I am VERY FAMILIAR with HEAT!!! I have to get out EARLY to beat it. I take my 24 oz. camel back container with ice water, AND ice, and hit the trails where I kNOW there is more shade than sun. Even early, it is hot. BUT I am acclimated!!! Guess that is good. Not alot of folk could exercise in the desert! Report
Thanks for this article. Report

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