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Tips for Exercising in Heat

Stay Safe and Stay Hydrated


  • Also I'd say pay attention to your electrolyte levels! If you notice your sweat is 'saltier' than normal, make sure your diet is putting those minerals back! - 8/6/2015 11:02:24 AM
  • Other tips would include wearing a hat and sunglasses, along with carrying water bottle to drink water part-way through the work-out to avoid dehydration - especially in areas where I live because we have 0-10% humidity. There are many times though where drinking water is so important during the workout, not just before and after - such as when playing baseball. Unfortunately I have to be very careful in the heat because I do not sweat. My body struggles to regulate core temp and I can over-heat very quickly. I am aware of this and tend to avoid working out in the mid-day. I usually head out in the late evening when it cools down. - 7/26/2013 12:03:02 PM
  • Have to say, living in Arizona, I am VERY FAMILIAR with HEAT!!! I have to get out EARLY to beat it. I take my 24 oz. camel back container with ice water, AND ice, and hit the trails where I kNOW there is more shade than sun. Even early, it is hot. BUT I am acclimated!!! Guess that is good. Not alot of folk could exercise in the desert! - 5/28/2009 6:30:57 PM
  • Thanks for this article. - 7/9/2008 1:02:05 AM

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