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3 Ways to Refresh Your Treadmill Workout

Don't Get Stuck in a Treadmill Rut


  • When I was in a 5K training 'class'/clinic, they had us running at a level where we could still chat with our running partners - not serious discussions about western philosophy and literature mind you, but chat. They told us if we couldn't chat, our exertion level was too high. Granted, there are times when you might want to push yourself to that level, but it doesn't have to be every workout. And let's face it, a bunch of people at SP are beginning exercisers - they might be intimidated to think they have to workout at a level where they can't talk to get any benefit. That's just not true!

    Personally, I don't start up a conversation with strangers, but I also don't mind if people around me are chatting. If that's what they need to do to stay motivated, more power to them! And during my 5K clinic, the times when I ran (and chatted) with a partner were a nice break from my usual solitary mode - and she pushed me to run harder than I would on my own. - 1/13/2012 9:57:15 PM
  • That's just not true--you can have conversations with people while running or walking, on a treadmill or not, and still be burning calories and having a positive effect on your body and your health. That's not to say that you needn't ever put the pedal to the metal, but the idea that you need to be going headlong for every workout is a fallacy and could well ultimately lead to burnout and/or injury. - 1/13/2012 5:30:11 PM
  • I agree with BMoreStubborn. If you can have a conversation while on the treadmill, you're not working hard enough. I'm surprised the author didn't mention listening to an audiobook while on the treadmill. I get engrossed in the story and keep going, so I often end up with a longer workout.

    I listen to music while on the treadmill if not an audiobook. I like to scramble the playlist so I get a variety of tunes instead of the same songs in the same order all the time. It keeps the workout fresh. - 1/13/2012 11:44:06 AM
  • If you can carry on a conversation while you're working out, you're not working hard enough! - 1/13/2012 10:38:22 AM
    Tthe best thing I ever bought for myself was my treadmill. I have it parked in front of the Tv and love to work out while watching TV. The Biggest Loser motivates me, and shows like American Idol that have music do too. My treadmill has several programs. One program has you stopping the treadmill throughout the workout to do repititions of other exercises so you get more of a full workout. I use weights to do the floor excersizes. Members could do this on their own if their treadmill doesn't have this feature. - 5/13/2011 7:32:36 AM
  • Part of the reason I don't go to the gym anymore is that I am constantly being annoyed by people having loud conversations around me. Between that and the guys who feel the need to grunt loud enough for the entire gym to hear every time they lift a weight, I have to turn up whatever I am listening to a deafening volume to drown it out. Save the chitchat for the locker room! - 4/26/2011 12:01:08 PM
  • I am so in agreement to that comment. I am a very friendly person but I do not enjoy people talking to me while I am working out. Even when I go power walking at the park I do not talk to anyone until I have finished my workout. I feel it is my personal time to think. It also interferes with the quality of my workout. - 3/26/2011 9:27:17 AM
    I appreciate all of these ideas. I especially like HOLLYREBEKAH's. That would be an excellent time to get some prayer time in addition to the prayers I'm saying for myself to get through my workout. I might as well pray for others also. - 2/19/2011 3:49:02 PM
  • I agree with SVENJAH - please save the talking for outdoors. Please do not be the person next to me on the treadmill who is yapping and bursting my little personal space bubble of "me time." - 2/19/2011 12:09:31 PM
  • If you see an opportunity to spark a conversation with the person next to you, go ahead talk your time away.
    SAVE this for your outside, street walks or runs, PLEASE! This is terribly annoying to everybody else in the cardio section of the gym! Gym music + machines noises + footsteps noises + talking/shouting friends = no concentration for those of us trying to work our bodies! My own ears in my own ipod can only handle so much personal volume to compensate all the other noises. - 2/19/2011 3:30:04 AM
  • HIRIEL87
    I love listening to audio books while running, because yes, treadmill running is a bit boring. This way though, it's only as boring as the book ;) - 1/2/2011 1:45:06 PM
  • I love to walk backwards, or sideways, on the threadmill. But I tend to do this only towards the end of the workout. - 10/24/2010 6:52:53 AM
  • I change my incline throughout my daily routine on my treadmill. I may start at 2 then go to 4, back down to 2, up to 5, etc... I - 8/18/2010 11:39:18 AM
  • great article-I'm on the treadmill every morning and catch Canada a.m.--Spark told me to raise it up though to a 5 level which I now do - 7/25/2010 7:49:52 PM
  • I watch my DVR's while on the treadmill. Time flys and before I know it, I walked for an hour. - 4/23/2010 1:53:11 PM

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