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3 Ways to Refresh Your Treadmill Workout

Don't Get Stuck in a Treadmill Rut


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  • My treadmill is in my living room. I can watch a motivational program or look out the patio door. It doesn't have to be boring unless you make it boring. Change your attitude, change your workout.
    Do it backwards, that is refreshing!!
  • Boring? Not to me. The treadmill and the rowing machine are the only parts of a gym I like, other than the hot tub. You put on your headphones (or if at home, put on the TV) and you just go. No matter how hot or rainy it is outside you can exercise. I miss my treadmill and my Bowflex (mostly used for rowing), but I just could not ship them to the Philippines when I retired. The rest of the gym is boring - to me. :)
  • A treadmill is boring - incline, intervals or not. But it does offer one thing - the ability to stop and rest. If you are fortunate you can listen to music. I'm lucky in that my gym does have treadmill set up with a view. Still boring but it helps. If you can run outside. It's much much, much better.
  • Just had a bariatric sleeve surgery in august. Had some physical therapy to get my muscles in shape, have just joined plant fitness, and am learning to enjoy moving, first time in many years. I enjoy changing up the incline, esp on machines that randomly change it .

  • I am a die hard gym rat so I never found any exercise boring. However, I preferred to use my treadmill at home instead of the gym because I could have my music on because I did not like anything in my ears. I did set the paces each time from 3.5 to 4.0 with time interval and tried to walk more than 30 minutes. I tried to do that 2 to 3 times a week on non gym days. My wife could walk 60 minutes or more each time at 4.5. I could not believe the author would suggest conversation and reading when using treadmill. One could not be serious about working out or walk fast enough if one could read.
  • The treadmill is definitely boring, but I use interval training to break up the monotony, and listen to my favorite music. I can't sing aloud since I am in a gym, but it definitely helps to lip sync through my workout. I may be my neighbor's entertainment. :-)
  • I would much rather pull out a Leslie Sansone video than get on the treadmill. At least you get motivation.
  • I bought a treadmill last year, but with all the trouble I am having with my knees, my doctor says it may not be the best exercise for me. I never got bored with it, just using if for 10-15 minutes at a time while listening to music is relaxing, as long as the knee pain isn't too bad. For now I had to give it up though, at least until my doctor okays it again.
  • Am I crazy? I actually enjoy the treadmill! Listen to my music, check out the TV, zone out.......and get exercise!
  • Hi! Treadmill workout makes people bored so make it interesting change your workout routine. It gives you much pleasure... :-)
    Since I use my treadmill at home, I engage in singing to the radio while I walk. On some days, I'll:
    walk for about 10 minutes stop and do squats for 1 minute
    walk for 10 minutes stop and do wall push ups for 1 minute
    walk 10 minutes at a faster pass stop and do forward lunges for 1 minute
    walk 10 minutes stop and do jumping jacks for 1 minute
    walk the remaining 20 minutes
    then stretch
  • 800ANATOMY
    My routine consists of interval training; I like this method so that I don't get bored. I warm up on my Health Walker for about 3/4 minutes; then I switch to my Treadmill for 6/7 minutes. Then I do my warm up stretches, so my muscles don't get cramped. After that then I do 100 legups & switch to 100 situps; (rest intervals in between each set of 20); drink plenty of water while resting. Now choose an exercise such as bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, or overhead extensions, to build certain body parts that need toning, with free weights or elastic exercise bands; (do 3 sets of each). And to complete your session, return to the treadmill or walker, for about 5 minutes; don't forget to stretch & cool down. That completes your workout session for the day; exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week, especially if you're trying to lose weight; concentrate on your nutrition; eliminate sat fat, sugar and junk food; abstain from alcohol & don't smoke. At this point you're on your way to a new you!! Have fun & enjoy your new life style.
  • There are some wonderful walking/running videos that simulate walking in a specific locale. I love them. There is one in Scotland where the sheep get in your path and the video makes it seem that you leave the path and go on the grass. So NOT boring!
    Get an exercise bike, use that in between treadmill time, save your knees a bit, remember that you are not getting younger, think about your future knee health, please.

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