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3 Ways to Refresh Your Treadmill Workout

Don't Get Stuck in a Treadmill Rut


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  • I plastered my wall by my treadmill with inspirational posters & sayings, & a list of my goals.
    Love my LifeCycle! Best use of time is to secure my laptop board and laptop to the handle bars. I check emails and any shopping I need to do while maintaining 135-140 heart rate for 60 minutes. PBS is on in the background in case I lose the internet connection.
  • I don't think the treadmill is boring even if I don't have music to listen to. What's boring to me is the stationary bike..................after 15 minutes I'm ready to jump off!
  • Hi. I feel like a newbie. Oh, I am. lol. wow look at you all doing great things. I can only hope I do as well. Keep up the good work your an encouragement to me. Im going to try some of the ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    Passing the word on about sparks:]
  • I have had a treadmill for over a year now and its the best thing I have ever bought. You don't have to just run on it. I vary what I do such as fast walking, running, dancing in a fashion as long as its not going to fast and do arm exercises too. I have some good tracks playing and before I know it fifteen or twenty minutes have passed quickly. As long as I am sweating a bit I know I have done something. You can also alternate between other exercises so it doesn't get boring. I have a pilates machine as well as an ab trainer and weights. I alternate between them all so I don't get bored but keep interested.
  • I alternate between reading my kindle (attached to screen on front ) or watching ipad attached to screen. If I am getting into a good book, I get lost in time and my exercising time passes quickly and enjoyably.
  • oops, found it! 2 pages
  • something happened to this page, not all of the article is included.
  • I love my treadmill and appreciate I ideas that I read. I usually walk @ a 3.0 pace and I am going to increase to 3.5. I increase the speed regularly. Also, I walk everyday on my treadmill. So, it be to hot to walk outside and my treadmill comes in handy. Keep putting more different ideals on the blog.
  • For More ideas, Here is a great link:,71

  • I can't stand cardio machines. Never did them until I installed an internet equipped TV with Hulu, Vudu, and Netflix plus an AppleTV with and my entire iTunes library. This morning I even streamed training videos from my iPad to my AppleTV and not only killed it by doing my cardio, but killed two birds with one stone by doing video training in the same time!
    That's my refresh!
    Now I just need to figure out how to pay bills at the same time and I'll be getting 3 things I hate done in the same time :-)
    I'm sure I look absolutely crazy, but when I'm on the treadmill at the gym I dance! I always have my iPod with lots of funky music and just go to it. I've been doing this for the past few years, ever since I joined. It's the ONLY way I could still be on that treadmill, just can't do the hamster in the wheel thing otherwise. I work up a really good sweat so I know I'm getting a good workout in.
  • I just started using the treadmill at the gym.I constantly change incline and speed to mix it up.
    Has anyone slowed it way down and done lunges on it?I can now do a decent lunge on the floor since I`ve been doing them on the treadmill.
    I hope to get one for my home soon.
  • I really expected more from this article. Incline, speed & talking to strangers...that's the best you've got!

    I agree 100% with some other posters. Please don't start conversations with people on any of the machines. That is just not the right time or place. Group classes are better suited for chatting. I don't mind a little chit chat before or after a group class, that's fine. But please, not during the class. ( although I do appreciate other peoples snide comments regarding the intensity of the workout ~ lol )
    This is a great tip....I've changed my treadmill workout up by doing this and have found that not only do I lose more calories faster, my legs are stronger and I've been able to increase my minimum speed as well

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