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3 Ways to Refresh Your Treadmill Workout

Don't Get Stuck in a Treadmill Rut


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  • HIRIEL87
    I love listening to audio books while running, because yes, treadmill running is a bit boring. This way though, it's only as boring as the book ;)
  • I love to walk backwards, or sideways, on the threadmill. But I tend to do this only towards the end of the workout.
  • I change my incline throughout my daily routine on my treadmill. I may start at 2 then go to 4, back down to 2, up to 5, etc... I
  • great article-I'm on the treadmill every morning and catch Canada a.m.--Spark told me to raise it up though to a 5 level which I now do
  • I watch my DVR's while on the treadmill. Time flys and before I know it, I walked for an hour.
  • I've never tried treadmill other than the broken one at our recreation centre (office). But from what I've seen, treadmill seems to be a bit boring (sorry to treadmill lovers!) compare to elliptical machine and jump rope. Maybe because I'm not too keen with any activities related to running or jogging.
    Here's another good article on the same topic --
    That's exactly right, I tried to run on 6.0 for 1 minutes at the time. Sometimes I stop and do 20 push ups and run again by increasing the minutes and pace every time. It is fun to do that.
  • My trainer has us slow down the speed on the treadmill to about 1.5 and do walking lunges while holding on. She also has us walk backward at a slow pace and do side-hops at a faster pace on the treadmill. Changes the pace and gives you lots of variety!
  • I'm rather proud of the book / laptop rack I put onto my treadmill. Now depending on what I read or watch while I'm on the treadmill I sometimes only get off it when my legs start giving out. (Usually after two hours.)
  • I listen to music, and read gossip magazines on the elliptical trainer (or books -- but they can't be too substantive). I also glance at the TV in the gym, which is playing CNN, and I get some news that way.
  • Since I don't get alot of time to read, I download audio books to my ipod and listen while I'm on the treadmill. I even have some exterior speakers I can connect to so that I don't have to wear headphones if I don't want to. Makes me stay on the treadmill a little longer and the time goes by faster.
    Something I like to do while I'm running on my treadmill is pray. I run between 5 and 7 miles 5 times a week, and it gets monotonous even if I'm watching something. When I pray, I finish feeling at peace with the world as well as relieved of the stress from work. I can pray for pretty much everyone while I am running.
  • I use my Ipod in many different ways, Videos, E-books, and podcasts I have a new podcast each day
  • I agree that I don't want someone striking up a conversation while I'm on the treadmill. Although at times it can be repetitious and become boring, most times I use this time to do my most creative thinking, a sort of meditation. I find the suggestions here very helpful for variation on those days when I simply cannot conjure up anything creative in the old noggin and will use them. I particularly like the one from the gentleman that has MS and was persistent enough to find a way to keep himself limber. Good for the mind, good for the soul. Have a wonderful day.

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