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3 Ways to Refresh Your Treadmill Workout

Don't Get Stuck in a Treadmill Rut


  • I LOVE my Treadmill... I got her (yes 'her'... her name is Millie!) in January and she has been my faithful walking partner at least 3 or 4 times a week ever since! I LOVE my MP3 player - I have several Playlists just for my workouts... and I also tend to mix it up using different speeds and inclines as well... I have been known to even read while walking with Millie - but that requires us to go at a much slower pace - so that is not a normal ritual! - 5/7/2008 12:12:35 PM
  • I am big into my MP3 player while on the treadmill. I pace myself to move with the music and go by how many songs I get thru instead of the time. The biggest issue is when I forget myself and sing out loud. I have the WORST voice... LOL :) - 5/7/2008 11:18:57 AM
  • Thanks for the suggestions! There is nothing I hate worse than the treadmill. My husband is so faithful to the treadmill. He runs 3 miles daily on ours but it is like pulling teeth to get me on ours. I just feel like I am doing the same thing over and over again. I can't wait to try this and see if it works to break up the boredom. Thanks again! - 5/7/2008 10:24:15 AM
  • I watch TV shows on my iPod. An hour show runs about 45 minutes with no commercials (a plus!) and I've found some new shows to enjoy. I do find that setting the treadmill for a specific program is better than using the Quick Start mode, because you may be engrossed in the show and not work as hard as you should. - 5/7/2008 9:25:11 AM
  • I found the key to not getting bored on the treadmill, my DVD player, and Netflix, I am watching Star Trek! There are several versions of the Star Trek series and I am watching them in chronilogical order, so it will be a while before I have a chance to get bored. I have clocked over 100 miles since leap day!!! - 5/7/2008 9:17:07 AM
  • The treadmil is my primary source of cardio. I too use speed and incline to rev up the number of calories I am burning. To reduce the bordom, I had my husband install a wall mounted TV in the Bedroom that serves as our exercise room. I also use my ipod, on which I have various paced music which I downloaded from various exercise related web sites. - 4/15/2008 1:35:22 PM
  • PUMPED01
    I own a treadmill, it's been about 5 years. In order not to get
    bored, I change the inclline, speed, and I run and walk to
    keep my body quessing. I love my treadmill. I use it 4-5 times
    a week. Get one, you will love it!! - 4/12/2008 3:32:16 PM
  • I've had my treadmill for about three years now and used it religiously when I got it. Then we moved and it went in our bonus room which is on the third floor. It has slanted ceilings so it felt like you were constantly going to hit your head. I hated working out on it up there. This past weekend my husband and a friend moved it out on our deck for me. We keep it in our enclosed gazebo and I pull it out each day onto the deck and walk. It's great. I can enjoy the outdoors yet I'm not leaving my own back yard. I can also keep track of my puppies who LOVE to dig. Being out with them I'm able to accomplish my workout, spend time outdoors with them and keep them in line. So far it's working out great. - 3/4/2008 3:44:48 PM
  • I just got my treadmill on saturday feb 23, 2008. I tell you for me I have to start slow and build up since I am new with it. I rode it for 46 minutes and I tell you I am sweating like someone is chasing me with a shot gun. LOL. I seems to challenge me more than riding my stationary bike. I don't sweat as much. Walking outdoors doesn't challenge me much either because I don't sweat much. I guess this is going to be great. Thanks everyone. - 2/27/2008 10:09:50 PM
    PEGGY - 2/18/2008 2:24:00 PM
  • This article was great! 30 minutes on the treadmill is my cardio workout 3 or more times a week, and I'm not bored because I watch TV while I do it, but I know I'm not challenging myself as much as I could. All I ever do is try to move up my rate a bit. I love the idea of staggering it. Thanks for the challenge! - 2/12/2008 11:32:38 PM
  • You are so right about the treadmill becoming dull fast. I find if I mix jogging and incline walking that keeps my legs guessing how hard they need to work. Having the right music is also important, and I've found a lot of free gym tunes on iTunes podcasts, as the same tunes soon all the time gets mundane. The best thing I found is I can listen to my language course while on the treadmill, and my gym-mates find it funny to hear me speaking Japanese while jogging - but I know that if I can speak, I'm not overdoing it. My MP3 player has become my treadmill companion. There's even "personal trainer" podcasts where you can get someone talking and encouraging throughout the routine. Great fun! - 2/6/2008 6:41:07 AM
    just read your treadmil article. Interresting indeed!! i own a treadmil for over 30 yrs. now and have used it along with my husband every chance we get. we like to watch tv while walking for 30-45 minutes and dont even get bored . time passes so quickly while engaging or watching something interresting on tv,lol!! TRY IT YOU LIKE IT!! treadmils are great since one can use it any time at home, bad weather or sunshine and save all that extra $$$$$.$$ not going to an exspensive gym. It's a great investment for your "HEALTH". WISHING EVERY ONE A VERY HOLIDAY SEASON AS WELL & WHILE SHOPPING WHY NOT INVEST IN A TREADMIL, YOU WONT REGRET IT!! E.W. & J.W. IN GA. - 11/28/2007 10:47:59 AM
    i was getting bored with the treadmill.thanks got the right hint to remain motivated - 11/13/2007 5:15:58 AM

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