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3 Ways to Refresh Your Treadmill Workout

Don't Get Stuck in a Treadmill Rut


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  • I like the treadmill at the gym we are members. It has several different settings that have increase or decrease the incline. I have been walking 3 mph for 20 min. I then work out on the weight machines. I really love it. My wife has started going and she really enjoys it also.
  • To keep me motivated to keep on keeping on on the treadmill, I listen to books on tape or cd. I only allow myself to listen while I'm walking and the better the story the longer I find myself walking so I can hear the story!
  • I like the treadmill and every workout I do on it is different. And I switch between that, the elliptical, and the bike so I never do the same workout every day. I agree with the people who said conversation is not the way to go. If you are talking, you are not working hard enough, and I don't want anyone to talk to me while I'm "working". I also can't read and workout properly. I tried it on the bike once (could never even imagine it on the treadmill) and my workout wound up being a lower calorie burn.

    I know some people were looking for some better suggestions. If your treadmill is at home, maybe you could put up pictures, posters, motivational quotes, to help stave off the boredom. I place you'd like to visit, something that inspires you. You could even change it every day. And music is a must!!!
    I typed up an interval workout for myself, with times listed and what incline and speed I am going to be at for each minute or two minute or 30 second interval. It forces me to concentrate on what I'm doing. By watching my typed card, I am attentive to my workout and not just lazing along at the same speed all the time. It has helped me bring my speed and calorie burn WAY up and it makes the time go by so much faster.....cuz I have something to do and think about
  • Walking on the treadmill can be boring. I drive from South Bend Indiana to Indianapolis on a frequent basis. I have installed on my iPod which plays thru my car radio several music albums that helps me pass the time. For us oldies out there, I have Bob Seger, Journey, Supertramp and others. I have deleted the slower songs and left on the songs that have a fast beat. I use this for walking on the treadmill and time does pass quickly. There are some songs that I like that I can push the speed and not think about the "work" that I am doing.
    Sorry, but if you can talk to the person next to you while working out - you aren't putting enough effort into your exercise routine. Plug into your ipod or favorite TV channel and kick up your workout a notch! Tell everyone about your great workout when you're done.
  • This article is right on target. Change the pace, change the incline, alternate with a recovery base for a minute. It keeps you busy, and the time passes by fast.
  • This article is so right. The treadmill can be fun and yet challenging too if you change your routine and speed. I have been working my treadmill for the past 5 weeks and each week I am amazed at how much faster I can go and sweat even more each time. I feel that my workout is truly getting better and overall I am enjoying the treadmill. What works best for me is to turn the TV on but put on a channel that has music. For me the 80's music keeps me up beat! I also do a lot of different arm movements while on the treadmil that helps strengthen the upper body too! You need to have fun to really enjoy the treadmill.
  • This was an interesting article. Since having a baby and living in NYC buying a treadmill seemed ideal, gym memeberships are through the roof here, I should of thought of it sooner. It's been so wonderful using the TM everyday, I've placed it in front of the TV and always have my MP3 at hand. I use the pre-programmed workouts and make up my own like for every incline till 12% walk 1 min. then run/jog 1 min, work your way back down the incline and so forth. it's been so much fun making up workouts. Investing on a Treadmill will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself.
  • i love my treadmill time. i usually put the Tv on a watch a show and when the commercials are on i turn on my IPOD.
    I was getting bored with my elliptical trainer. I relocated the machine to have a different view, taped motivational messages up in front of me, listened to music and I still felt like a hamster on a wheel. I was on auto pilot, 40 minutes, get on, go through the motions, can't wait to get off. Time drags on like an eternity.
    I read a similar article that challenged me to "Work smarter-Not harder". Now I go at a moderate pace for 1 min, challenging for 2 min. and change up the amount of time at each workout. The machine automatically changes resistance levels through out the work out.
    I find I am burning more calories in less time, time seems to fly by and I get a better work out. Bottom line: make your time count. Don't just go through the motions.
  • I really didn't find this article very helpful. I try to change it up but its still difficult for me to enjoy waking up at 5:30 to run staring at a wall. I do put on the radio, but still boring.... I was hoping for some more exciting info than this. But there were some good tips overall.
  • i like the part about changing the pace and incline to trick the body into burning more... i do try to do that... but otherwise, i quite like the treadmill... the gym i go to has a tv with about 70 channels in front of each treadmill, but i never turn my tv on... i just make sure there's some good music on the stereo and i run at a slow pace, generally, 3 sometimes 4.5 miles... usually completing in 35 or 55 min depending on the distance, sometimes it takes a little longer... but i like getting into the whole zone thing... i think of nothing but how many miles i'm covering... :)
  • Hmmm, I LOVE my treadmill time. It's "me" time. No distractions. No husband, no kids, no dog. I like to watch foreign movies while on the TM---I have to concentrate on the subtitles, so I'm not thinking about the time.
    I do interval training and it's amazing how quickly the time goes!
  • I wrote a blog post on this myself a few months back, based on my own expereriences, and in recently sharing some Pet Peeves At The Gym with others, I respectfully disagree with striking up a conversation with the next person. When I work out, I work out seriously and don not want to socialize. It's distracting, can be rude to others around you who also want to concentrate and you won't work out as hard.

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