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3 Ways to Refresh Your Treadmill Workout

Don't Get Stuck in a Treadmill Rut


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  • i like the part about changing the pace and incline to trick the body into burning more... i do try to do that... but otherwise, i quite like the treadmill... the gym i go to has a tv with about 70 channels in front of each treadmill, but i never turn my tv on... i just make sure there's some good music on the stereo and i run at a slow pace, generally, 3 sometimes 4.5 miles... usually completing in 35 or 55 min depending on the distance, sometimes it takes a little longer... but i like getting into the whole zone thing... i think of nothing but how many miles i'm covering... :)
  • Hmmm, I LOVE my treadmill time. It's "me" time. No distractions. No husband, no kids, no dog. I like to watch foreign movies while on the TM---I have to concentrate on the subtitles, so I'm not thinking about the time.
    I do interval training and it's amazing how quickly the time goes!
  • I wrote a blog post on this myself a few months back, based on my own expereriences, and in recently sharing some Pet Peeves At The Gym with others, I respectfully disagree with striking up a conversation with the next person. When I work out, I work out seriously and don not want to socialize. It's distracting, can be rude to others around you who also want to concentrate and you won't work out as hard.
  • I take aerobic classes now because I get pretty bored with the treadmill, though sometimes it IS nice to use the treadmill once weekly. When I was at a gym that had no aerobic classes, I would do many things to change up my workout on the treadmill. I'd do a lot of interval training. I'd change the incline - run for 3 minutes at a fast pace, then walk for 1-2 minutes or run fast for 1 minute, then walk for one minute. Another thing I would do is just use the treadmill 15 minutes, elliptical for 15 minutes, stairclimber 15 minutes, bike for 15 minutes, and end up back at the treadmill. I actually lost 10 lbs. doing this so it works! Interval training does wonders, though I did jog @ a consistent pace at least twice a week as well.
    I find it very distracting when those around me hold conversations on the cardio machines. I've talked with my friends about this, and they, too, wish people would be quiet. I'm ALL for having fun and getting through a workout any way you can, and I think headphones used for music or TV are excellent options to keep you distracted--while not distracting others from their workouts.
  • Why not just go for a nice walk?
  • I can't do more than 30 minutes on a treadmill - by the end, I am bored to tears - even with the tv on!!! The great outdoors is different however - I can run forever.

    That however doesn't mean I can't use the great advice towards another machine I detest - the stationary bike!
  • I love using my mp3 player to listen to audio books on the treadmill. I usually do a medium jog so I can just focus on good posture and breathing while enjoying a great story.
  • I can't stand treadmill - I'm an outdoor runner. However, I used to have a stair climber for days when the roads were too snowy. I solved the problem of boredom by setting up the climber in front of my tv, turning on Baywatch, turning down the volume and putting on a CD. This way, I could imagine being on a beach/in warm weather with music playing in the background.
  • Well, I always bring my mp3 and listen to an exciting or intersting audiobook and so I'm kept preoccupied while working out on the 'ol treadmill.
  • I have never found a treadmill workout boring. I view it as a time to take myself away from the rest of the world. That is MY time for ME in my own head, in my own world, and I shut everything out. The only exception is if I have on headphones listening to music. Beyond that, I love my treadmill time.
  • I strap on the portable DVD player onto the treadmill and look at a good movie (like 13 going on 30) and thats saves the boredom. Unfortunately, it also brings the little ones in, they bring a chair with them and stand up so they could look at the movies while i walk.
  • Actually, I like to run on the treadmill, but I can't really compare it to running outside because we don't have good roads for that where we live - country roads. I turn on the t.v. and focus on that or my husband's baseball bat across the room in the corner.
  • I read while I do my cardio too, as I am a full time student I barely have the time to dedicate to purely fun read. So, I use that time to catch up on my favorite boredom here!! :))
  • I don't feel comfortable running outdoors.... feel like my size would attract attention... I would love to buy a treadmill to have at home.... I love my ipod and take it walking my dogs. Haven't tried downloading any podcasts yet......they sound like they would help pass the time.

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