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3 Ways to Refresh Your Treadmill Workout

Don't Get Stuck in a Treadmill Rut


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  • I set up my portable DVD player and watch part of a "chick flick" that my husband won't watch in the evening! Makes the time go by lots faster. then I put it on Pause until the next time I'm at the treadmill.
    I have Zumba soundtracks on my MP3 player...gets my arms pumping too!
  • I got a high end treadmill as a present from my husband I love it in the winter I can stay in and exercise while I watch my favorite tv shows I can get in 1 hour and not even realize I have done it how nice
  • TINKER70
    i love my treakmill!! i've had it for about 5 yrs now as a gift.
    it's one of the greatest gifts i've ever gotten.
  • I found an exercise program online - cd's to listen to while working out. They work with treadmill, exercise bike, walking, running, you name it! It's like having my own personal trainer right beside me, motivating, and challenging me. I LOVE THE PROGRAM! I LOVE MY WORKOUTS!
  • I like to download podcasts and listen to them as well! I'm listening to a podcast to teach myself Japanese at the moment. I just looked up some free podcasts on iTunes and now I can improve my mind and body at the same time!
  • I love the treadmill at my gym (Fitness 19) I download radio shows that are in 'podcast' form on the internet. some of the good ones are "The Dreamweaver" (Stephanie Doran interprets callers dreams) and also Cary Nosler's "Wide world of health". These 2 shows are syndicated all over the country---you can 'Google" them and find them for your area. Haven't tried any type of "coaching" program yet, but am looking forward to that too---listening to something just makes the time fly by!
  • Here's a thought. If the treadmill bores you to tears, try running outdoors. You can also try the elliptical machine or a bike, either stationary in the gym or mobile out in the world. Anything that uses the same muscle groups will help you maintain your running mileage.
  • while wallking on the treadmill you can watch your favorite tv show. before you know it your show will be over and so will your workout.
  • there are some great music tracks to play on your ipod while on the treadmill, and heaps of workout CDs that have voiceovers to talk you through interval training where the celebrity (my one is a Serena Williams one) tells you when to speed up and slow down etc....all of a sudden you have done 30 mins.
    There are some GREAT work out routines on itunes that you can buy for your ipod. I bought one and WOW what a difference it makes. It's like you have a trainer in your ear coaching you along. I got one for an interval run..and LOVE it!
  • yup, boring as all get out! So I read a book while I'm on the TM. Or, if I'm doing interval training, I bring my iPod. But now that the nice weather is here, I'd much rather go for a walk!
  • I do not find the treadmill boring, that is, not since I got my iPod. When I turn on some music, I find myself in another whole world. I do not know whether it’s psychological or not, but I’ll tell you – I do much more and stay on much longer when I’m listening to music. Thy gym has televisions all around the place and that’s decent enough; there is even some device where you can put on these headphones and tune into any one of the channels on the various televisions. But that is nothing compared to my music.

    So, I strongly encourage people to add music to your iPod or MP3 player and use during your treadmill routine.
  • I'm all about multitasking on my treadmill. When I've got a big exam coming up, I might be doing flashcards. I love to watch TV while on it, or listen to my iPod. I also like to keep a notebook and challenge myself, for example, I'll keep track of how much time it takes me to run 2 miles, then try to beat it the next time. I also mix it up, sometimes I just walk, sometimes I increase the incline as high as it will go and walk as fast as I can handle at that incline. Other times I do quarter mile sprints, where I run as fast as I can for a quarter mile, then walk a quarter mile to recover. Then other times I just set it at a speed that I can maintain for at least a couple miles, while I try to work up to a whole 5K or 10K without stopping. All that keeps it interesting for me. Of course, when the weather is nice, sometimes I just want to go outside and take the dog for a walk. But I LOVE my treadmill!!

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