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Overcoming Overeating

New Strategies to Stop Overeating Before You Start


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    I begin the process by portioning the food when I come home from the grocery store.
    I need to reread articles to absorb everything.
  • preparing food the night before does save a lot of time
  • Doing food prep with a scale the night before has made all the difference in the world.
    Day 5 check in. Doing well with Portion Control etc.
  • RIVKAH12
    I really like this article. I have done many things using a plate with dividers also portion control, is the most important of all.
  • JASMINE1704
    Portion Control is very important. Very good article.
  • CRYSTAL417
    Thank you. Great Idea.
  • Small plates, mini servings (have another serving if you absolutely must but account for it), colorful foods, dividing the plate into quadrants and drinking water with meals helps me. For those times when I'm prone to over-eating by grazing, It helps to keep my hands and brain busy. I knit, do cross-stitch, leather tooling, read... I'm also into my dog so we go on a lot of walks (great for u both!).
  • An easy way to stop the BLT (bites, licks and tastes) is to keep a measuring cup by what you are cooking. A 1/4 cup is probably easiest and I think the smallest measure in most sets. Fill it partially up with whatever and then take a teaspoon and stick it in so the gravy, soup etc coats the TIP only. Step away from the stove, taste cleanly. Do not put the spoon back in the cup but you can put the remaining contents back in the pot. We do this making large pots (2 - 5 quarts usually) of things like chili and soups and even casserole dishes. It's a little cumbersome but it works.
  • I think it's ok to taste when looking and agree with other comments about that. I really have trouble with the idea of chewing gum. You're essentially spitting on everything in front of you.
  • Oops... *dividing* your plate. I wish there was an edit option for comments... :)
  • Overall a very good article with lots of good advice, the diving your plate bit especially...but...

    I have to laugh at the "keep your hands busy" portion. You are telling a fat guy to do calisthenics while watching TV? What reality do these trainers live in ha ha. That is quite simply not real world advice. Sounds like too much school theory and not enough experience being fat. :)
  • I love the idea about dividing your plate. Great article!
    It's so good to be reminded of these good tips that can help us every day! Thank you!!

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