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The Secret Benefits of Massage

The Easiest Way to Combat Stress & Fight Fat


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  • Loved the article. I get a massage every month as my relaxation treat and it works.
  • Thanks for the article. It's so important that we learn all the pitfalls of eating junk, and not just weight gain.
  • I so desperately need a massage! But I've always been afraid to get one just for the simple fact my butt sticks out further than I would like it to.....and I am self-conscious of what the masseur would think while massaging my back!
  • I use massages as a treat and my favorite is the hot stone massage, Oh yeah Sparkfriend!
  • Would love to get a massage. $$$$$$😯
  • did not enjoy this at all
  • I had a friend who's husband was a massage therapist. She said it was wonderfull. !
  • I have a regular massage which was full body by professional & a Chinese one. They were ok but the professional one was better. I just recently started I am so ticklish that they had to basically be rough. No touching my lower back & bottom I actually laughed loudly too. Ha!
  • Wish there was an affordable ebswer yo thid.
    Thanks for posting some of the health benefits of getting a massage. I didn't really think about how massage could help with high anxiety. It makes sense because it is supposed to relieve stress and make you more comfortable. I will have to keep this in mind next time I am stressed. Thanks for the help!
  • Love getting them, but I especially enjoy the "hot stones" therapy during the message session!!! Nothing beats that for me.

    Thanks for reminding me of how good massages really are!!!
  • I purchased a book Called the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook that was extreamly educational and showed me where to locate my trigger points and how to properly massage them myself. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to manage and diminish their own pain without having to see someone else and pay expensive fees. It wasn't to difficult to understand or learn and with a little practice you can relieve your own pain and feel mobility once again.
  • I've been getting regular professional massages for 15 yrs now. They really help relieve my muscle pain and tension. I think the author is a bit overly optimistic in his assertions that massage can prevent weight gain or even aid in weight loss. I do not believe this is true, except maybe indirectly--- people are less likely to stress eat when relaxed. Whether or not massage helps with weight control, I recommend it.
  • I love them. My hubby aalways give me one. It feel so great.

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