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You Could Wake Up Naturally to a More Energized Day

Small Changes Can Mean BIG Energy


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  • Getting more sleep is one of my top three goals. I can do this.
  • All very good ideas.
  • Lots of good ideas.
  • Ironically once I stopped working mornings start earlier! No alarm and I wake up around 6:30 most days....stretch in bed before getting up, then walk around the house getting my body moving. After tea I take our dog out for a walk and that is wonderful.....Makes the day much more relaxing.
  • On the days I don't have morning appointments I can manage most of these suggestions. Otherwise my routine is quite different, in short different starts for different days. If I have a day planned that allied a trip to the gym I do some gentle stretches and have a very light breakfast. I save half my oatmeal and fruit for post workout munch.
  • Good information
  • I stopped using an alert and it has been awesome. I also always eat breakfast. I like the other suggestions to making my morning better. Thanks!
  • oat cereal and 1/2% milk, mozz stick every morning or oatmeal.Yum!
  • Great ideas! Thank You!
  • Make yourself (and your health) a priority in your life.
  • I enjoy listening to John Legend when stuck in traffic.
  • I've never been a morning person, but mornings are definitely lot easier now that I've got a routine!
    I'm on day 49 of my streak, exercising first thing in the morning.
    I get up early to walk inside or out, depending on the weather. Eat a good breakfast & head to work with 1/3 of my daily steps in. This also helps me make better choices throughout the day!
    Have a fabulous day!
  • Ha ha, woke up to sunshine. The only way I could wake up at 5 AM or earlier (3:45 on gym day) is the loudest alarm on my phone which forced me to walk 5 ft to turn it off. I used my phone instead of a clock was because power went off once and I over slept 2 hours. I still used the clock for backup alarm set 10 minutes later. I tried to sleep before 8 PM when the sun didn't set until 10 PM sometime. The best thing to help me wake up was to do 3 sets of pull up on my tower. Then I would have my high protein breakfast; eggs, lean meat, coffee, water and sometime oatmeal with meat.. Forget about yogurt, milk, fruit, and other soft stuff. I do't have stomach for that. Most of you didn't understand that lots people couldn't tolerate lactose. I also tried to nap 20 minutes after lunch. This is the only way I could work 10 - 12 hours day.

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