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Outdoor Exercisers: Get Closer to Nature

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    I just felt like pointing out that on the start page there was one article saying "Surprising Danger of Running Outdoors" and another saying "Treadmill vs. Road, which is better? Are you cheating yourself using a treadmill?" Maybe I should stay away from walking altogether! Just kidding, of course. I think it is a personal choice that a person has to decide based on what works best for them. I personally have a weird sun allergy, and can't really go outside in direct sunlight. On cloudy days, sure, I might go for a walk. But usually I stay at home on my treadmill.
  • I stick to the off-road trails and paths - fortunate that here we have lots of them.
  • I have a road like that near me, I try not to walk on it very much it's stinky from car exhaust and loud from trucks.
  • It never ceases to amaze me how it takes a study to discover what society knew as the obvious. LOL
  • I have heard of this too there is a bandana you can get that is supposed to cut down on inhaled toxins (its for motorcyclists and made in England) I know the drugstore by my house used to carry it I should get one.
  • I'd love to exercise outside, but I have asthma and allergies and feel like I'm on barrowed time as it is. I'm ok Mall Walking or going to a gym that has a good air conditioning system. I use to love the outdoors when I was a kid. Parents, brother,sister and their friends were always heavy smokers (white paint turned absolutely grey).
  • Rather misleading heading. Exercising OUTSIDE isn't the problem. Exercising on a road or with poor air quality is.
  • I live in a city but we do have things like subdivisions (purely residential and usually low traffic) and parks. I stick to those places most of the time! I do go shopping on foot which calls for walking along major streets BUT I'm not putting in the same effort or breathing as hard as I do back in the subdivisions or parks.
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • Wow, great tip to run by. I never would have thought about it. I will keep to bike trails as much as possible. I was thinking more traffic related accidents. Bears are not a problem in my neck of the woods.
  • I live in the country and I thought this article was going to be about how to avoid bears ! lol
  • Aww... feel bad for people who live in the city but like to exercise outdoors.
  • I live in the city, unfortunately I exercise there too.
  • KLUTZY68
    I always wondered whether this might be true. Unfortunately, vegetable gardens in high traffic areas have the same problem.
  • I'm glad I run out in the country where there is little traffic! Thank you for this article, as I have not thought about this previously!

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