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1/11/2009 12:19:03 PM

Hi, I'm a new member and I'm hoping I can achieve my weight loss goal. I really think by joining a group where so many others are working towards a similar goal I'll be able to accomplish this. I'm actually excited about starting my diet. I love the nutriton planner and the way it keeps track of your calories, carbs, fats etc............I'm amazed at how everything little thing you stick in your mouth rack up the calories. I'm a gum chewer and I love dubble bubble. I looked it up and realized I'm going to half to start chewiing sugar free gum "bummer". It's made me more cautious how just 1 mint or 1 piece of gum can make a huge difference when calorie counting. Good Luck to all of you. Have a wonderful day!


1/5/2009 2:18:55 PM

DOGREN1's SparkPage
I am new to this site. I am hoping to become more healthy this year. I appreciate the articles


1/5/2009 2:13:05 AM

BABYBLUES40's SparkPage
Hi everyone i am new to this.I'm sure with caring and understanding people that i can get threw this and think positive about losing weight and i hope to have fun while doing this.Thank You and good luck to every one,Julie


12/30/2008 10:13:41 PM

GLENN1928's SparkPage
I just signed up and need all the support I can get.


11/10/2008 6:29:49 AM

I Thank you for this article it is very thought ful



10/30/2008 12:23:52 PM

LINDAGRU's SparkPage
Hello Everybody I am new I love this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this great team God dosen't make misstakes I found the web page by chance and I am so happy I did I do need all of the encouragement I can get I am not to computor smart I am so lazy especially excercing and I eat a lot of fast food and I need help with organization. Thank you for this opportunity


10/26/2008 9:26:49 PM

CDCARVER's SparkPage
I'm so glad that I join the team and I hope they will be there for me. God bless


10/21/2008 3:54:31 PM

Hi, I am a newbie too and it's great to see how many other people are joining up all the time. Gosh there's a lot to learn about the site!


10/2/2008 2:55:36 PM

LOSEWEIGHT601's SparkPage
Hello, I have been a member for a while, but have not participated in the message boards or e-mails. I have been too busy working , and working out. In the last 4 months I have lost 52 lbs. I have 32 to go. I enjoy the site and thought I would try to do better with communicating with my group.


9/18/2008 9:32:40 PM

CATTRINA's SparkPage
I didn't read this comments before.
I am glad there are others who don't know much ( as they say) about computers and how to's Now I don't feel too bad about my ingnorance of computers


9/12/2008 7:33:38 PM

KAT7457's SparkPage
I was told the other day that we cant foward anything thru sparks mail ex: poem, is this true or not. it was only a poem given to me so i passed it on to other sparks friends and a certain lady mailed me back saying i cant do forward like that. so any body have an answer for me. thanks kat7457 9-12-08


8/24/2008 1:33:39 AM

You really shoul dhave a member ignore feature.


8/11/2008 11:06:57 AM

hi jim153 here! no beer in 5days o my god! feel good.
??? when you exercise does or is there a place that shows net calories?
new on computer ,,60 yrs young!be patient w/me . have to rest my finger now bye


7/30/2008 1:47:50 AM

I am Kathy Willis also know as Lumby chick. Hay I lost 2 pounds this week I am walking with a walker and doing it daily, and to-day I did our big shopping the main one for the month with my husband. Usually I sit or end up sitting in the car but I made it all the way threw this time, He was very surprized as I usually can not do it. Thank you for all your encouragements. Kathy willis


7/23/2008 6:36:04 PM

BETTY19581's SparkPage
I joined yesterday and don't know what I did, but I erased or deleted my original info, so I joined again. I watched GMA yesterday and a couple were talking about keeping a food diary and I've done that in the past, quit, and now am ready to keep track of what I'm doing again. I love reading the posts because it helps to encourage me. I really want to succeed at losing this weight. I have felt at times like such a failure. I feel like I have willpower at times and then at times I feel like I really blow it. I will be 50 years old this year and think I'm going through perimenopause. I'm at a place in my life right now that I'm ready to make a lifestyle change. I just hope I can do it and not fail like I have done so many times in the past.

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