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    oops! I made a typo, I wrote I am now in good health, what I meant to type was " I am not in good health' lol well after being on the program for a while I hope to be in good health.
    I am new to this program, and I have been tracking what I eat each day. I am 70 and now in good health, which limits somewhat my activities. I am going to try to get going on my walking and I feel no pressure from any one, just my self.
    Thank you for creating such a great site, and for being free. i could not join any of the weight loss programs out there, because of the high cost. This is great so far. This first week, I am seeing my problem areas and what I did to change.
  • hello, been wanting to lose some weight but haven't yet. no motivation to go it alone. happened to come upon this sight while browsing sights that were so much$$ and still have to go it alone. hope this will b a great sight and maybe meet some others in the same boat and some friends along the way:)
    Greetings Spark community, I signed up last month and just decided to use Spark today at the referral gracie4one. I am interested in communicating with new fit minded individuals.
    Hi all i am new to this site 4 day old i am loving it and i know that with this to motivate me and back me up i am sure to win. for the first time i feel like i will get this weight under control I have tried severeal diet pill but none worked at least not long term. Having visited the site and seen what information is availble to me i have learned so much in just 4 day imagine how mush more i will achieve long term. thank you soo much Spark people. there is hope yet.
    My first p90x lean workout was this morning at 5 am. It says I should consume 3000 calories a day. Seems excessive. I just need some to say it's correct and the diet part is essential. Thanks Rick
  • I've been a Spark People member for months now but realize the more I know, the more I need to learn more. Good luck to each of you as you work on your fitness plans!
    one step at a time. you have to walk before you can run.
  • could you please let me know where you can purchase chia seed. thanx Vickie
  • AGENDA86
    Good article.... hope everybody will respect that...
    Chia Seeds are THE BEST source of Omega-3 & Omega-6 essential fatty acids!
    These seeds are perfect for diabetics & people watching or trying to lose weight.
    Chia Seeds are also very beneficial to the heart and extremely high in fiber, calcium, high quality protein, slowly processed carbohydrates and loaded with vitamins & minerals and antioxidants!
    The health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids are becoming widely known.
    What is not as well known is that the chia seed is THE BEST source of Omega-3.
    Chia seed is high in protein and high in calcium. 5 times the calcium of milk, 631 mg per 100 grams of seed.
    Chia seeds are also high in protein, with 18 grams per 100 grams of seed.
    The optimum ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 should be 3:1.
    Chia seed provides that ratio.
    Chia seed is hydrophilic. Absorbing up to 14 times (Mix @ 9-10 times) its weight in water.
    This helps extend energy and endurance.
    Chia seed is rich in antioxidant oils.
    Chia contains chlorogenic acid, and caffeic acid as well as myricetin,
    quercetin, and kaempferol flavonols.
    These compounds are both primary and synergistic antioxidants that contribute to the strong antioxidant activity of chia.
    Chia seed is also low in sodium.
    Only 19 mg per 100 grams.

    Google chia seed for this and other info.
  • You are never too old to be cool...and all you have to do is try in earnest and eventually you will find the inner conviction that will lead you to the hidden metamorphsis of your discovered willpower. words to live by I should think.
  • Learning to balance all different take-out foods for convenience of time allowed sake, is key to the nourishment of all those who support you in your effort to respect your own body as a temple and govern it accordingly so. cc:kp

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