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    Hi i am 47 years male My cholesterol level 235, Triglycerides 275, HDL 45, LDL 135 VLDL 55 Total ratio 5.2 And Glucose (FBS) level is 158 please advise me proper Exercise program My weight is 89 kg height is 1.75 Meter.
  • LAUREN088
    Hi my name is Lauren i have Been participating in a spinning class for almost 3 months but i have not lost any weight. Actually i am gaining more weight it's not muscle that i am gaining it's more fat that i am gaining. I have Been very depress lately because i see my friends at the gym that they have Been loosing a lot of weight but not. Can some one tell me why i am not loosing weight??!
    Comparing liquids to solid objects is not helpful in judging how much we are drinking. MY milk doen't resemble a baseball at all in my glass. Nor my juice a hockey puck. I've never been up close to a bsaeball or a puck, even if I were judging solid food. Can we say, " fills an average 8 ounce drinking glass" for example? And size of dice? Yahtzee size dice? Las Vegas crap table dice? Fuzzy mirror-hanging dice? A deck of cards is better, but even they qre not standard. Poker cards? Bridge deck? Canasta deck?
    Flavor your water with a few table spoons of lemon juice or orange juice, or crush a berry or two in the bottom of your glass. Filtered water is flat tasting bcause minerals are removed, and minerals dissolved in water give it its taste. Try making herb tea. It has few or no calories and lots of flavor, and no caffeine. So you don't need to be shy about drinking lots.
  • Wow! This is the first time I've ever been called on the carpet for my comments. I still do not know what is wrong with the message. ?

  • Any suggestions on how to reach the goal of drinking 8 glasses of water per day when I hate the taste of water?
  • Just here to say Hi...still checking out the much to much to learn...
  • Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your goals.
  • where Can You Find Magnesium & Potassium In Foods?
    magnesium is found in most foods, especially diary products, fish, meat ,& seafood. Other resources include apples, apricots, avocadoes, bananas, black strap molasses, brewer's yeast, brown rice, figs, garlic, kelp, lima beans ,nuts, millet, peaches, blackeyed peas, salmon, sesame seeds, tofu, tourla, green leafy vegetables, wheat, and whole grains.

    Potassium includes diary foods, fish, fruit, legumes, meat, poultry, vegetables, and whole grains. Specifically found in apricots, avocadoes, bananas, black strap molasses, brewers yeast, brown rice, dates, figs, garlic, nuts, potatoes, raisins, winter squash, tourla, wheat bran, and yams.
    Donald Duck is my favorite,so I bought a lot toys about it.I think liztoys is very well.
  • Jane, understand perfectly your situation story details a little different but outcome over time and goals are the same. I've done WW before (many times) but have found sp site easier to use and keep up to the recipe postings for foods I make but don't know nutrition/calorie counts...We will get where we want to be next week by taking appropriate steps today. Have walked the dog this morning and posted breakfast to keep my hands out of the downfall.

    Wow! So much going on here! This is my first-ever post having just joined yesterday after hearing about the site for the first time. I am at my highest weight ever--same as my weight right before I had my son lo these 20 years ago. I've been a SAHM and he's leaving for college in 2 weeks. I was considering WW but want to try this first. My husband is crazy fit: rides his bike 10 mi to work every day and between 40-80 miles each weekend. He does all the cooking and it's pretty high-cal. My goal is to weigh less than him. Help!
    What foods are a good source of potassium and magnesium
  • Hello,
    Joined before but haven't really used the site much. Thought I'd try again. Looking forward to reading SP's tips for losing, exercising, and staying positive. Wishing everyone the best in their personal goals.
  • SB3095501
    Hi, I just joined because I started taking qsymia and I'm on my 3rd week of the first full month and it doesn't seem to be doing anything for me. I was searching for others taking qsymia when I came across this sight with some members taking it and thought maybe if I had a support group it would help. I admire everyone who has and has the power to reduce there weight. I've tried everything and I lose and gain it back. It's just an on going cycle for me.

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