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I'm back again. I've lost 40 lbs, but running out of motivation. Does anyone have ideas on motivation..??? Report
I'm not new but this year, I plan to use SparkPeople every day to help me track my health habits, exercise and eating with the hope that this will finally get me more motivated to lose weight and be a healthier, happier me. Badkid2607 Report
I love the mini workout on here. I also love to get food breakdowns and value to keep me on track. This is a good program. Report
I have been doing spark people for about a week my husband see how committed that I am that he has gotten aborad. Report
This website is very confusing. Istated to read "The SparksPeople Program Basics" the other day, and would like to go back and watch some of the videos. I have spent close to an hour trying to find that page again. Why are things not so easy to find. This is very frustrating and is one of the reasons i left Sparkspeople. I am back now, but it seems things haven't changed since I was gone. Help1 Report
Hi My name is Ceci. I have to loose about 140 lbs. I want to loose 2 lbs a week I plan to join the YMCA and walk in their machines and work the circuit when I am able. I wall do that 4 times a week. I wlll also go to the swimming aerobics 4 times a week. Report
My daughter introduced me to this site. I just had an episode of CHF and was so scared! I think this is going to be very helpful. Thanks in advance Report
I enjoy all the challenges and support from members. Report
Hi, i am new to this ,but so far loving it. Report
This Community is Awesome! I lost over a 100lbs cutting my carbs and being faithful to my daily morning cardio. My motivation in losing weight caused me to become a Weight loss coach! I am now the founder and motivational speaker of Overcoming Obesity! I am wearing jeans that i love and taking alot of pictures! I am happy what i see in my pictures and the mirror! Lets continue to motivate each other!
I am a beginner to the SparkPeople's family and I have really been enjoying myself. Just one week in and I have lost 3.5 lbs. I can wait until my weight in next week Report
All spark people. Let us kick it in the rest of the month of April and drop 10 lbs. We can do it stay motivated. Never say Never. Never Quit. Keep your eyes on the end results. You will be feeling great. ######1....I am leaving you with this. A big Marine Corps OOH RAH! Report
This is my first day here. I have terrible heart burn and I take meds for it, but it does not help all the way. In Dec my throat was on fire , I went to the hosp only to find out I was having a heart attack. Long story short ..I am taking a new med for angina, which is not helping this heart burn. What kinds of foods does one eat that has this heart burn? I sleep in a recliner or sit on the sofa, this puky pain is driving me crazy....Thanks for any help ~B~ Report
I have been working out at a gym. And have not been able to lose any weight. What am I doing wrong? I need some help please........ Report
I usually join groups and then chicken out and drop out! This time will be different! I'm doing this thing!!!! Report

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