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13 Ways to Maintain Your Brain

Feed Your Mind to Prevent Disease


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Good article. Report
This article gives me hope. Thanks. Report
Interesting. Report
I found this very interesting especially since I use to work in a Alzheimer's ward . Plus I with my own several health issues struggle with short term memory and I love blueberries. Thank you for this information. Report
Interesting! Report
This article was very informative. Report
Enjoyed reading there are positive things we can do to influence our good health. Report
Disappointed in another article that bashes saturated fat. Yes, trans fats are bad, very bad as well as vegetable oils (due to processing they can have .56 to 4.2 grams of trans fats in them). Read Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Dr Mary Enig (Biochemist who has studied fats for years) and Sally Fallon (Weston Price Foundation).
Great article. thank you, Report
Good article! Report
Great article! Report
Good information. Report
Great Article very informative I took many notes. Let you all know how it goes. Report
Great Article! Report
Great article and great info. Something to save and go back and read. Report

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