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The Top 6 Fitness Myths and Truths

Don't Believe These Tall Tales!


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Good article. Report
Good article! Report
Thanks! Report
We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch.
- John F. Kennedy Report
This article is 12 years old! Still relevant today Report
Learned something thank you for sharing. Report
I learned something new! Thanks. Report
This answered a few questions I have had. Thank you. Report
Thank you. Report
Small changes lead to big changes and big changes lead to results. Report
Thanks for the information Report
Thanks for the reminders! Report
This is a great article. I believed all these myths at one point, but now know better.

Thanks Coach Jen!

Nola Report
AHH! I'm happy to see this answer.

I'm so tired of seeing/reading that abs are entirely the product of your diet. There are SO MANY variables when it comes to attaining 'a flat stomach', and I hate to break it to you but it's not any 'one thing', but rather the perfect storm of your body type and lifestyle paired with frequency and type of workouts.
For example if you do higher intensity intervals, or you train at an elite athletes level, your diet has a LOT more wiggle room.
If you want to figure out the right combo of workouts and nutrition ratio and get kickstarted to seriously flat abs- it IS possible no matter how impossible you think it is.

Think of achieving a flat stomach like mastering an intricate dish/recipe. For example, take lasagna. You can have all the right 'ingredients', but if you don't have the right timing, temperature, and follow directions in a certain way, that lasagne is going to turn out entirely differently.
There is so much noise and conflicting advice, which is why it's my mission to cut out all that stuff and simply tell you/give you what the real deal is. like it or not,
Want more no BS, and 'real results recipes'. Come on over to - I welcome your comments too!

xoxo Editor,
Amanda Russell Report
I still hear the one about you have to exercise long and intense. When I said on one team that I couldn't walk as fast as a lot of people do, I was told that I wasn't doing anything to get exercise then. I also have friends who say you have to exercise at least an hour at a time (no breaks) for it to be effective. Doesn't matter that they have said short periods and can add them up work. Report

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