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The Top 6 Fitness Myths and Truths

Don't Believe These Tall Tales!


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  • it's a slow twitch/fast twitch muscle fiber thing where using both (fast twitch helps with strong burst of power, slow twitch are the endurance muscle fibers) helps burn calories. the fast twitch helps burn more calories but the slow twitch encourages the fat burn after a significant time threshold (which shortens with increased fitness. So, keeping the workouts varied even by length of time helps
  • I kind of want to say more about that length vs intensity thing, too.
    I think there are two key issues- that for some very healthy young, fit people, they need to up the intensity to burn more calories, because they don't have TIME. If you have time, you can do longer durations that are less hard on your body, and burn just as many calories. So... yes/no. The key is burning calories to lose weight- however, for more cardio effectiveness, you need to get the rate up... but, hey, if you are on the verge of collapse, not so good! The answer seemed- incomplete to me.
  • I'd say the trainer at your doctor's office is wrong and right. Depending on your weight and your fitness level, it might be a better idea to START doing lighter activity for longer amounts of time. It's better to ease your way into exercise. As your fitness level increases, adding more streneuous exercise done for less amounts of time is for effective if you're trying to lose weight. It's all about how many calories you burn overall, not the amount of fat. That's where that trainer is wrong.
  • Okay, I found Myth #5 confusing. Jen says you burn more by working harder or faster and not by doing the activity longer, whereas my doctor's office has a trainer telling me the opposite -- that I'm better off using my recumbent bike for a longer period of time at a lower tension level than at a level a bit more strenuous for a shorter amount of time, and that I need to focus on fat burning and not just the amount of calories. Soooo, which is it??? It's difficult enough for someone as out of shape as me to get exercise, but then to hear conflicting "truths" about which I should be doing to get the best results just makes it harder.

    This article is helpful, but the format in which it's written, is not. She presents the myths and then puts her answers to them under 'TRUTH'. She should have put them under 'THE REAL TRUTH' or something similar. Her format is initially misleading. I kept thinking she was saying the myths were TRUE :o)
  • I read this article a while ago and it was worth re-reading it again today to help keep me motivated. Good information.
  • I agree with this article. A good work out for me is sweating yet being able to maintain a small convo. I really though just doing ab exercises would help lose weight, but I was wrong.
  • ADOYLE90815
    Great article! I still hear the myth about women bulking up from weight training.
  • Woud be great if everyone knew all this info. Thanks for the encouragement.
    This is a terrific article. I suspected that some of these were myths, but it's terrific to have them laid out in black and white like this. Thank you so much!
  • Great article. There is so much to learn being a SPARKER.
    Thank you for this article. I have been overweight most of my adult life. I believed a lot of what my friends told me when I was in high school and college. And spent a lot of time either starving or overeating over dieting. - our children need sound fitness counseling from professionals - not websites and friends. And I am not convinced our medical community has helped Americans - do your own work and research and ask questions. I am doing the weight training/cardio/nutrition. I am feeling better and having a better life.
  • i LOVE this article. I am sick of my girlfriend's warning me to be careful that i will bulk up like the incredible hulk if i continue to weight train (and increase my weights) and eat lots or protein to support that sort of training. Ugh, it's just annoying that people think they are know-it-alls.
  • I like this article, thanks for putting it out there.

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