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The Top 6 Fitness Myths and Truths

Don't Believe These Tall Tales!


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  • hey Afoot? lol its not getting them to read it but to believe it! Yeap yeap
  • It's good to see articles like this. what saddens me thought, is that I see in the exercise blurbs"Target your abs with these 6 exercises" etc. The reason I like this site is because of the relatively no nonsense approach to healthy living, yet it seems that it is still encouraging members to buy into the same myths this article is trying to debunk. I don't want to see it become like those lifestyle mags that 'promote' healthy living beside pieces that show how 'You too Can Lose 5pounds Before The Weekend'

    Just my humble opinion
  • Although I knew most of this stuff already it's nice to know that I'm following the right information.
  • These are necessary and great. Now if we can just get the idiots that believe these fairy tales to read this article!
  • I knew these already, but it never hurts to be reminded. When you're trying to change your body shape, you're willing sometimes to believe anything. I heard a WHOPPER at work yesterday... "ear stapling"... a procedure that works by creating two constant acupuncture points in your ear, which in turn curb cravings. (Probably because your ear will be killing you!)
    Another myth you forgot: It's best to lose weight first before even starting a fitness program.
    Some people seem to think that it's harder to lose fat if you're building muscle (when actually the reverse is true).
  • Great article...!
    Very informative - and in easy to understand terms...
    loved the examples and comparisons...
    (* Mentally noted)
  • I think this was a WONDERFUL article. So many people are misinformed with regards to weights loss and weight training. Well done!

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