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Is Your Kitchen Due for a Makeover?

Clean up your Kitchen to Straighten Your Diet


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  • GOLDIE216
    My pantry and fridge is always well organized.
  • RIVKAH12
    I do check my food pantry and fridge every week, and throw out stuff that is outdated and try and keep healthy foods on hand.
  • JASMINE1704
    I cleaned my pantry out last week and also my fridge put my older cans and boxes in front of the new and bought some healthy stuff as well.
  • CRYSTAL417
    My pantry is always organized. I also put all my older cans or boxes in front of the new one's that I buy.
  • January is always one of the two times per year I completely empty cabinets, drawers, pantry, fridge, freezer, etc. It will take me all month probably but so pleased when it's done.
  • I gave up on organizing my pantry or fridge. My wife helps me with my weight loss... but has no concept of organizing a pantry or fridge. As soon as I organize things she can whirlwind it right back into a mess ha ha... So, no worries, it will stay a mess... Such is life. :)
  • It's taken a while but my kitchen is ready to roll. All items in inventory, new Tupperware in pantry. Looks fab.
  • I already had done most of these things but I really need to clean off my dining table, it's become a dumping ground. And I do eat at the coffee table, I know that's not the best.
  • the kitchen is DH's domain, as he's the chef. I do breakfasts sometimes . . . but he designed and built the kitchen himself, and it is so well organized . . . same with the refrig. I am SO blessed!
  • This article came just at the right time since I've got the bug for spring cleaning!
  • I haven't unpacked from moving. Somehow I believe someone is trying to give me a hint! ;)
  • Most of my stuff is in good order but that kitchen table? PLEASE! I wish I had one! My kitchen is streamlined out of necessity- it's a cramped NYC apartment kitchen. I'm just lucky I have a functioning (and full sized) stove!
  • Will go through my spices and herbs today and reorganize them. Everything else is in good order.
    I do this periodically anyway. In the process once again cleaning, pitching and having a good time. when my kitchen is organized, I am happy happy:)

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