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Managing Arthritis with Exercise

Pain, Pain, Go Away


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    Great article! I have moderate to severe osteoarthritis in hands, back and knee. This article reminded me of basic common sense when exercising.☺
  • It's a pain getting old! It's good to hear that arthritis shouldn't keep me from moving. Somewhere I had heard that moving would just make the pain worse. Seems like this article is saying that moving the wrong way can increase pain. And that not moving can increase the pain!
  • Great information! Thanks so much! I do suffer from osteoarthritis. It's horrible... I had been an athlete most of my life and now I suffer the consequences.
    range of motion. reaching, exercising. good info.
  • Thank you for this article! I have arthritis so bad in every joint in my body. The article has given me great ideas to start going forward with. I am tired of being on so many different meds, I think some of these ideas can be very helpful. Thank you So much!
  • Thanks for the information. Good advice.
  • Good information. Thank you.
  • Thank you for this article. I am riddled with arthritis and this is very helpful to me.
  • I have the most stiffness in my ankles and the arch in my foot. Often my ankles feel like they need to be rotated or pulled to pop into place. And if I stand for more than 20 minutes, both my feet and ankles will start to ache. I'm not sure if this is due to arthritis or my weight gain. Hopefully, either way, with diet and exercise, this issues will reduce and go away.
  • I do have trouble with Mr. Athiritis since an accident in 2011 and I have to keep moving. Thank you for your blog. A REINSPIRATINAL BLOG
    A very helpful article for so many of us out here trying to do our best.
  • I have Ra and lupus are there exercies that can be done.
    I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and was put on the drug femara. It has caused severe bone and joint pain and a lot of mornings it's quite difficult to get out of bed. My son who works out everyday told me that I would feel better if I could get into exercising. This article convinced me! Thanks!
  • The reason that I finally put myself on an exercise plan was because I hurt all over. I have arthritis in most joints and my back, tendonitis in wrists, elbow & foot, plantar faciitis & heel spurs, bulging discs, chondromalacia patella etc etc etc. Of course I still have issues but they are much more manageable and I am able to do much more (including walking) with much less pain.
  • Thanks for sharing

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