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Defend Yourself Against Diet Saboteurs!

Are Your Friends and Family Making You Fat?


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  • Be grown up...nice.
  • I need to do this, and stay away from those people
  • I don't hang with too many people that try to push food/drinks on me except one person but she has good intentions....ha!
  • Boundaries are difficult to set sometimes but this gives me some good pointers.
  • Today, I can create boundaries.
  • My whole office is one sweet landmine. I have learned to bring something that I can eat or drink to each event. I am also learning so much of the time, that what they brought isn't something that I crave anyway so it is easier.

    I had one friend that works out constantly and lives on chicken and romaine lettuce, tell me she hoped I wasn't planning on losing too much more, when the doctor tells me that I have moved down one scale on the obesity ranking, that I am still obese.

    It is interesting.......
  • I am getting tired of my friends saying "If I ever have to eat like that I think I'd rather die."
    What's wrong with healthy? What has we let our society do to us if eating high fat, high calorie and low nutrition is the preferred way of life? So confusing.
    "be a grown up" true choosing wisely is my responsibility
    People who make fun of fat people while claiming that they're doing it for the fat person's health. Words can't express how much I hate people like that. Shaming someone for being overweight or unhealthy is not doing anything for that person, in fact it's probably doing more to hurt them. I'm amazed at the umber of people who think fat shaming is helpful. Call me crazy, but I don't think mocking someone as they attempt to jog around the block is the best way to get that person to lose weight.
  • After losing almost 45 pounds (which I've kept off for nearly 4 years now), which I am SUPER proud of, I now have a new issue with people who give me nasty looks if I turn down sweets or bring in my lean meats and leafy greens. I get the "oh your so skinny it doesn't matter, you can eat whatever you want." I want to scream at them I WORKED MY BUTT OFF to get to where I am, and have to keep working to keep it off. I don't want to throw it all away!!
  • This is my life. Every time I visit any family this happens to me. I've already decided to stay with my kids instead of my parents just so I can avoid the comments and stuff. It was bad enough just being vegetarian but now that I'm really watching what I eat it's going to be worse. It's frustrating when you're 20 pounds overweight and parents worrying about you being too thin. Yes I understand them and I know it's from love, but still. On the bright side, after 20 plus years I've gotten my husband to stop buying me treats and almost have stopped him from buying me food altogether.
  • Some good points in the post. I've found it helpful to realize I do not know where other people are coming from or why they're doing what they're doing rather than judging everyone around me for being saboteurs or mean or just clueless. I feel better realizing I don't understand where they're coming from

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