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Healthy Carb, Fat and Protein Ranges

The Numbers You Need to Know


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I'm diabetic, I would never get anywhere near that percentage of carbs. My blood sugar is hard enough to control as it is. Report
Thanks, good info! Report
Thanks for the info...Do tell me more about how the correct healthy nutrient range is selected! Report
Many days I am over in protein. I wonder where the protein comes from makes a difference? For instance, lean meat?, plant based?, dairy?

Very interesting. Report
This is a good article, however, with the changes in the food pyramid and what doctors and dietitians have been recommending in the last 5 years, this 13 year old article needs to be updated. Report
thank you Report
I do not think I get enough protein most days! Report
Excellent information. Good need-to-know information and guidance. Report
Good article. Report
Interesting read. Thanks. Report
Awesome article. Report
Excellent article! Report
great artilcle Report
My protein is always higher. Report

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