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Healthy Carb, Fat and Protein Ranges

The Numbers You Need to Know


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  • I had vbariatric surgery in 2012 and my values are diffrrent. 35 or less carbs, 50 or less fat and 60-100 protein. Does Sparks have anything for people like me?
    Old article, old data. Please update your content. I've seen a lot of this misinformation lately.
  • Amen, SparkPeople, you need to update yr. content! These guidelines are way out of date. Commenters complain about the lo-carbers having tunnel vision but the article though giving lip service to finding your own way, starts from a premise that is very largely discredited. I do slow carbs and I'm 80% vegetarian, occasional chicken a bit of fish and seafood.
    This is an extremely old article stating "facts" that have been disproven by further studies. And the whole SparkPeople website echoes these notions, including the trackers. I have customized my trackers for a higher fat, lower carb meal plan and avoid processed foods like the plague. However, the daily nutrition report doesn't adjust and says that I'm out of whack. I have to take some of things on the site with a grain of salt. I like the trackers and recipe calculators better than other sites so I stay.
  • I love hearing people swear that fat is the enemy, sugar is the enemy, carbs are the enemy...
    You have to find what works for you. For me, hi protein low carbs makes me feel satiated, and weight loss has been going well. High carbs (anywhere near the daily "goal") makes me feel bloated and my weight skyrockets. All the information is good to learn - but monitor what works for you. The food tracking is key for me.
  • I found out long ago that carbs are my issue. If I followed this I'd blow up like a balloon. LCHF is the only thing that works for me.
  • I was advised by a doctor years ago not go High protein, too hard on the kidneys. He told me we need carbs. I have tried all the low carb high protein diets out there and only got no weight loss to speak of and high cholesterol. Balanced diet where calories matter is the only way for me.
  • I fought and was miserable and fat trying to follow low fat high carb guidelines for most of my life. Now I am eating low carb high fat , no grain, and no processed foods. I have dropped 50 lbs. In 4 months, I feel great, my blood pressure is down, and blood sugar is normal, and I am happy and satisfied! So my diet is more like 60% good fats (no trans fats, or seed oils), 25% highest quality protein I can afford, and 15% nutrient dense carbs, lots of spinach, and kale..

    So I have to agree, current research is showing Ancel Keys (the guy who did observational studies and led us down this low fat /high carb path) was wrong!
    Glad to see so many other low carbers are here giving testimony, so maybe the word is out, and others won't suffer into their 60's as I have.
    You know America started getting really obese when we started following the low fat guidelines in the the late 70s, and big food jumped on board in the 80's.
  • I'm surprised by this as both my endocrinologist and cardiologist are trying very hard to get their patients to eat more protein and less carbs. I started in February substantially upping my protein and deleting carbs. I am now at the point where I eat whole wheat bread products and almost no white products except occasional rice. Most of my meals consist of lean meat and veggies, fruits and peanut butter. If I do have carbs, I limit them to one or two servings. For breakfast, I use low carb protein shakes and fruit or wheat toast if I'm really hungry. After I broke my carb addiction, I'm amazed at how good I feel. I'm not hungry all the time and my blood sugars are normal and stable. Keep your carbs, I prefer protein anyday.
  • DTRAD7
    For me, I talked to my Doctor. We agreed on a healthy diet of normal food - limited processed food, good fats, carbs, and protein. I can't afford grass-fed stuff or organic all the time - I want to be normal after having suffered with bulimia and anorexia for most of my adult life. I needed to do what was right for me, and I've lost 54 lbs since March 2015, with 8 lbs to go until I reach my goal. There are many roads on this journey, so whichever road you choose, don't wreck your health while you're on your way. Do what is best for YOU!
  • The latest books that I'm referencing are Dr. Hyman, Eat Fat, Get Thin and Dr. Ludwig Always Hungry. Those only name a few, but there are tons of recent studies that for a healthy diet it should include at least 50% good fat, lower carbs (I don't remember a number), and reasonable protein 70-100 grams. All the low fat products replace fat with carbs/sugar to maintain a good taste, so I have learned that if I'm going to eat a product, I eat the full fat version (mayo, cream cheese, cheeses). I take a good Omega balanced oil and coconut oil daily because of recent research touting their benefits.
  • Some of the latest research is showing that higher fat and lower carbs are the preferred diet even for those with Diabetes. Researchers at Harvard and the Cleveland Clinic have tons of evidence for this. Fats 50% or more is preferred. Can you provide an updated article, please.
  • DOROTHY5445
    I have now have diabetes. I need all the help I can get.
  • I guess it was inevitable that this common-sense article would inspire comments by people who think low-carb is the only way to go, and that Taubes is always right. Neither is the case, and there are rational, well-researched arguments for both low-fat and low-carb ways of eating. Your own choice depends on a multitude of factors. But I admit I get annoyed when I see people post as though there's only one way to do it 'right'.
  • Jannebarn I have seen numerous comments from you before. Why are you on Sparkpeople at all if your constantly complaining about the info here? Find another program for you to follow that you can agree with. Just saying.

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