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A Beginner's Guide to the SparkPeople Message Boards

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  • Good morning new to this site. Can't wait to get started - 2/10/2016 8:57:59 AM
    Although I have been using recipes and the app for a few years now, I have not placed much on the message board. I am on the 21 day challenge and this is day 4 and using the message board is my challenge for the day. Am turning 50 in December so this is a big year for me and my personal goal is to get the 44 lbs off that I had fun over the last 22 years adding on to my not so thankful body. I am giving myself small rewards along the way and using Sparkpeople to keep me committed.
    - 2/9/2016 8:01:49 AM
  • Although I'm relatively new to SparkPeople I wanted to say to my new spark family, that after finally getting around to reading posts and checking out the communities, that you are all in inspiration :-)

    In reading your post I learned that I could track my weight with the cute little Track Bar at the end of my post. Thank you. I've learned today how to track my moods. Thank you. I've also learned that I can track my medical (vertigo) episodes. Thank you.

    The idea of posting about something that is so personal… that I've struggled with for so long and now I must do so with the medical condition... It seemed like a daunting task. I've learned from you that all things are open to discussion and that there will be support.

    And because of your inspiration I am going to do my best to become a more active and involved member .

    Thanks again.
    - 2/5/2016 6:25:24 PM
  • Today it's been a bit of an effort to do all of my SparkPeople tracking and reading and commenting and such. But even though I'm dog tired, I think it's important enough to make the time and do what I know is worth the effort for me and my body! - 2/3/2016 12:08:25 AM
  • I want to start over again and have my menus changed since I now have to be on a low sodium diet how can i start over new again. - 1/31/2016 4:33:07 PM
  • Using SparkPeople to help motivate me during an at-work 12-week "biggest loser challenge". I have a lot to lose and want to WIN the challenge. - 1/29/2016 9:05:49 AM
  • A friend of mine told me about this site and from the moment I signed up and started learning my way around, I knew this was for me! I have done many other programs and wanted to start the New Year with something new to motivate me and Spark People is that program (I Hope). I am on day 3 and still on track, (which has not been an easy task in the past). Being a work at home mom, I find it hard to not snack on the junk food around my house, especially when I am having a particular stressful work load. This site has a lot of little challenges and fun activities that I know can keep me on track this time. Here is to 2016 and a new me!! - 1/13/2016 8:24:17 AM
  • Like all of you, 2016 is the beginning of a new me. No more excuses and it really is time to be accountable to what goes into my mouth and how I use my body. Day 1 here we go... moving along the road to health and happiness. - 1/10/2016 7:57:26 PM
  • It's 2016 and I am going to GET RID of 80 lbs of weight!! I lost 35 lbs 2 years ago but there have been recent deaths in my family and I didn't handle it well and put those pounds back on. So here I am getting back on track. I'm hoping to find a good support system because I don't have one at all. Here's to everyone who is motivated!!!!!!!! - 1/6/2016 2:34:28 PM
    You all sound so nice and hopeful, just as I am. I am new as of today 12/5/2015 and have not learned 'the ropes' yet . I did join a group. I believe there is no set diet simply no snacking no seconds and no sugar called the NO S Diet So here I go. - 12/5/2015 12:16:10 PM
    I am new here and I noticed that people are very pleasant and respectful of others problems and wishes. I have to admit before I became an herbalist I notice how hard it was to change my diet. So I learned what was needed and I now support any and all who seeks this same journey. - 12/1/2015 4:27:55 AM
    Looking forward to hearing from someone for support. I need to lose 60 pounds. I am diabetic and also have hypothyroidism. I have read some of your messages and am told success comes with the support of each other. I am an active 70 year old, more lunches than walking exercises, that has to change. This is my second day on the program and I am so pleased to use a calculator that states how many calories I have consumed. Gosh, I had no clue how fast things add up! I can eat between 1200 and 1500 a day. I met a very nice lady WEEDRAGON and we share the same issues. I look forward hearing from some of you and I am in it for the long haul. When I think about losing 60 lbs. I kind of go numb, but I will do it and thank you for any support you have to offer. Time for dinner!
    - 11/18/2015 7:04:30 PM
  • KATHY097
    like i said on the last message i realy need help for my weight i am 61 years old now my weight is starting to bother my spine,so more less its my hips and stomache i need weight off so its going to be tough but i am on a carb diet which my dr put me on i am now prob 210 pounds - 10/13/2015 4:02:04 PM
    I had a heart attack in 2011, because of my weight. I lost almost 100 lbs using this site. Since then I have returned to a new even higher weight than before. I'm glad to be part of this community again, and hope to lose even more weight this time.
    - 10/11/2015 4:58:38 PM
    So pleased I found this site. Since joining I have become more aware of my eating habits,been dieting by myself bu found in the last few weeks I was getting a bit complacent. - 9/11/2015 9:58:27 AM

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