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A Beginner's Guide to the SparkPeople Message Boards

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    Day 5 check in. Good article.
  • I have the drive to lose 40+ lbs to be healthy for my family, I have an 18 month old that is looking at me for things to do and want him to be able to know that if mom can do it so can he when he is old enough...don't want him to grow up knowing mom was lazy.
    I have lost 60 lbs after leaving a very stressful job, and working at home over the last 7 years, now have about 12-15 more to go.....came to SparkPeople to do that!!
    I have 60 pounds to lose. Can't seem to get started. I try every day and will try again tomorrow.
    Give me the best way this site can help me
    I don't have a lot of weight to lose, about 10 pounds, but I just don't seem to be able to get serious. I've decided to take the 30 day small change challenge and the first thing to do is to let people know my goals. So that is what I am doing. I've always found it hard to share about my weight goals, so maybe a discussion group is the way to go.
    I'm fairly new here and am really motivated to losing weight. I have a lot to lose, 82 pounds to be exact. So, I plan on taking this one day, one meal at a time. I think setting smaller milestones, such as losing 10 pounds, makes it seem more manageable.
  • hi everyone I am back again its been many years since being on here so i am giving it my all
    I'm Kaye. I have been trying to loose weight for the last seven years with no luck. This is my last chance. I am very frustrated. Have cut carbs, roughed paleo eating, no gluten, dairy, even coffee for three months, still gaining. 3 lbs since started tracking food. Walk with my fitbit and even bought piyo. A lot of stress at work and food isn't helping either.
  • hi I'm Carol -brand new to this site and looking forward to a healther lifestyle and weight loss. Thank you for all the hopeful comments.
  • CHAWK4546
    Hi SparkPeople, I am 51 and weigh 123 pounds, i was in very good shape until this past 6 months, this year i was married and a lot of messages report needing huge weight loss, for me it is all about getting motivated to get back in shape. I am 5'2" and top heavy, I need to get motivated to run and work out with weights at least 4 times a week and especially thru the holidays. My middle, chest and face look like a blob, thx SparkPeople
  • Hi I'm new and looking forward to feeling good about myself again, lost the plot but back on track yea
  • I like this article but, I'm not sure all New members will understand the post for challenge is not the "Introduce yourself Here" message board.

    Sometimes, it takes some scouting around to become familiar with the features and locations.
  • Hi! New here I need to lose a lot of weight! I'm trying my best I like the look of a lot of support here in the community.
  • GBORTO99
    Back in the gym and trying to keep a clean diet

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