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Cold Weather Workout Gear

Conquer the Elements in the Latest Garments


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  • it is a very good article
  • Taking two steps forward and one step back is still progress!
    The article is just like the coaches speech at the first meeting the parents and students attended for students joining the cross country ski team. All my children were on it. It is right on if you will be exerting yourself extensively in the cold temperatures. I define cold temperatures as anything below 20F. I work part time outside in the winter and spring (which includes backcountry snowshoeing) and wear the clothing mentioned even if it is as warm as 30F-35F because I may work up a goodly sweat and need to wick it away from my body. Wool is my favorite material for socks. I prefer a very tight knit micro fleece for a hat. It is so soft and breaks any wind. Head south? Would have if I could have last winter. This winter is much better so far.
  • Give me a nice soft cotton bottom layer, please - synthetics are stinky and I hate the feel of them.
  • I will take the south over the north any day. It's just too cold and too much snow.
  • I liked the article, but what about foot attire? I was hoping for more information on foot gear like on page six of the '10 Dead-of-Winter Workout Motivators.'
  • I don't get it I grew up in Canada and WE generally don't wear all these fancy expensive fabrics for underwear. Stanfield's is still selling a lot of their cotton underwear and it WORKS FINE.
  • I am sooo glad I live in Hawaii.
  • I discovered a layering trick 30 years ago. Fishnet underware, then your synthetics, then wool or wool blend. A hard hat liner under a ski cap works with any kind of cap and gives that extra layer.
  • LOL I beat the cold weather by going to Florida for the winter!
  • I've been biking to work through the winter. I love my Outdoor Research (OR) Helmet-clava. I wear it inside my bike helmet. It's completely adjustable, so I can choose whether to cover my face and head, or just use it to keep my neck warm. I also like the REI convertible gloves/mittens. They open up if you need the use of your fingers, but they still keep you warm.
  • Thanks for this great information. I've been avoiding the outside because of the Winter cold. I want to change that, and this is just the kind of information I need to get started!
  • The best "wonder" material? Wool !! It still keeps you warm when it's wet, it dries quickly, and as a bonus, it doesn't stink like synthetics! I wear thin wool baselayers by Smartwool, Icebreaker, Ibex, just to name a few companies. When it gets colder, I layer them. Thin merino wool (say, 180 to 200 micron) is as soft as silk, not itchy at all. Give wool a try.
  • You are so right! I always wear a "Buff" when I do outdoor sports. I have one that's fabric only, and another that's fabric *and* fleece. They rock.
  • Great article! One thing I'd add would be considering a balaclava for headgear. DH and I both have fairly lightweight ones and they've been excellent this winter. They adjust easily to cover the forehead and all the way up over my nose, but I can also push it below my chin if it's warmer or I need to breathe more. And if it's extra cold, I can always put a hood or hat on. We've been out in windy nearly 0 F weather, and my head is always warm! Peace.

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