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Choosing a Walking or Running Route

On the Road to Fitness


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  • I have often wanted to drown my troubles, but I can't get my wife to go swimming. ~Rodney Dangerfield
    Nice suggestions.
  • I have a lakeside road close by and like to run this route, get the added bonus of a view.
  • There is a church close to me and located by a lake with a mammoth parking lot. I use this to walk/run and to meditate at the same time, three days a week.
  • Only thing I would add is: if you are taking a dog (or two), make sure the route is dog friendly, bring clean up bags, scout out garbage cans along the way and bring a bowl (our dog had a collapsible silicone bowl that hooks to the leash. Practice the dog with leash training and leave aggressive dogs at home. As summer comes make sure the paved trails are not too hot on their paws.

    Great article especially with the reminder about safety.
  • Safety should be the number 1 priority in this day and age.
  • Good article great information .
  • I live in a rural area. I go walking with my daughter and my dog, but it is a pain having to deal with ticks. I hate the little buggers. My husband got really sick, and I can't help to wonder if one of these little buggers was the cause.

    When we don't feel like dealing with the ticks, we just head out to the schools track. Not as scenic, but it is worth not having to deal with ticks. At least with winter coming up, we can use the scenic route again.
  • I live in hilly Frankston a beach side area of Melbourne. I run down to the beach via a reserve filled with trails, bridges and stairs. I meet my wife often for a coffee at the end of my run at the beach. When I am feeling like a challenge I make a circuit of it by running back home. It is a challenging 50 minute + run. I love the run for its variety of road, bush and sea.
  • i live on a lake in a rural area. i have pretty much two route choices when I go out my door - north or south! The road is asphalt with no sidewalks or shoulders, but at least there is little traffic (except for summer weekends). There are a number of hills, so that puts some challenge into it. The best part is the lake view, the birds, and the occasional deer or fox.

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