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Choosing a Walking or Running Route

On the Road to Fitness


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    I both love and hate exercise. It has helped me relax and cope with life and all of the challenges that I have have had to overcome. I am 55 and through walking, I still can fit into my jeans, while never depriving myself of my fvorite, sinful chocolate goodies!
  • I started out walking. Unfortunately, the weight stopped coming off. Therefore, I joined a gym. I am hoping to lose enough weight so that I can start jogging in the spring of 2009.
  • i suggest level surfaces . i have been unable to go walking for several months because of tendonitis in my right foot that my doctor says came from walking on steeply sloping hike and bike trail that runs alongside a creekbed.
  • And don't forget to absorb your surroundings while walking outdoor..... the sun shining through trees, the birds singing their tunes, the sound of wind and the outdoor air on your face........ I've seen deer, rabbits, hawks, other people's cool dogs you name it..... it's a lot of fun..... I don't wair head phones because I want to take nature in 100%
  • Walking and a bit of jogging mixed in is my all time favorite way to burn calories. We have a great park nearby and this time of year throughout spring is perfect for me. Thanks for a great article.
  • I now live one block from Central Park in New York City. I thoroughly enjoy walking there. I also enjoy walking along Columbus Avenue uptown because there is an incline. This summer, I had to opportunity to walk along the beach in beautifu St. Croix. I didn't realize how difficult that was. It was a good challenge. I am looking forward to jogging next spring.
  • We have a great walking/biking trail system in our city, however we've recently had a rash of car break ins where the theives stole the purse and then used the credit cards immediately. These were not in a "high crime" area so people need to be aware not to leave anything visible in the car that might intice a thief.
    Very good Article, since I walk/jog with dogs- I had to scope out the territory 1st before taking them with me. Unfortunately, there are no side-walks & very little shoulder to our streets- I HATE seeing someone pass with ear phones! You really cannot be totally aware of your surroundings with them on.
  • I have to jog on a tradmill indoors because it is so hot during the summer here in Arizona. But we cerainly will use the suggestions in the article for the upcoming winter when our weather is better. We have a dog who loves to walk and we used to walk a lot a lot with her.
  • Great article and thanks for the website gonna have to check that out subdivisions can be such mazes
  • You can use to find out how far you walked without having to depend on the accuracy of your pedometer. You put in your address, then just drag and click your route and the site tells you exactly how far you went. I love it because from a map view, I can see new routes through the subdivision to change my scenery a bit.
  • I never walked much until we got a dog. He is a great walking companion. He is use to our routine and keeps me accountable. He barks at me when it is time to go!
    If you don't have a pedometer, or forget to turn it on, what you could also do is look at Google Maps. If you run on sidewalks, you can set the destination you ran to, and it will give you the distance.
  • Enjoyed the article. Sometimes I get stuck doing the same things over and over. I think I might try a different route/scenery tomorrow!
  • PETE68
    I love the beach so I walk the beach. I live about 10 min. drive from it.

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