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Choosing a Walking or Running Route

On the Road to Fitness


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A couple of times I have had to google abbreviations. I know it is part of the texting world...but cannot find DH. What does that mean? As for walking, I just bought a pedometer to try and GET me on track (haha). I do have a great neighborhood to walk in, small town with great shops and cafes and a park with walking trails. I just need to do it! I am so frustrated with the scale going up and down the same four pounds every other week. Ugh. Report
Very good tips, especially concerning the terrain. I used to run only on a track, but it eventually got boring and stopped challenging me. Now I have a routine where I run straight from my house to a school track nearby and eventually run back. I love having changing scenery as well as the challenge of such hilly terrain (there are are both very steep and gently sloping hills). It comes to a little over 3.5 miles, but I can easily add on more mileage at the track. If I get bored, I can switch up my path or add another neighborhood on. =D Report
very good article and if I go anywhere; walking is what I have to do or wait a friend to come and see if I need anything from the store. I do most of my walking in the house, around the yard , or to the mailbox and back. Report
I tired walking in my neighbor but because on uneven ground, dogs, safety, I stopped. Tried the treadmill and that, most definetly, isn't my thing. One morning I drove to our local mall, it is open before store hours and I have so enjoyed working there along with other walkers. The temp is good, other people around you, conversation, and you get to window shop with no temptation--the stores are closed!! Report
You completely left out mall-walking!

It's good to go to the mall to walk because there's safety in numbers, and because the level surface is good for your joints and prevents injuries, and it's always fairly clean. Some hospitals promote mall-walking for their patients to begin a wellness program. It's something to consider, even if you don't think malls are cool. Don't always avoid the mall, you could get a workout in, while looking around. And in the summer, when you feel it's too hot to workout, bear in mind that the mall is air conditioned. Report
I am lucky in that where I live I am close enough to the ocean or the mountains... I can choose which area I would like to walk in when I go for a long walk on the weekends... do I want to see pretty beaches, rocks and the ocean..?? Or am I in the mood for some pine trees and wildlife? (Of course, during the work week I just walk / jog around my neighborhood... I try to go in different directions though). I take my camelback with me for water on longer walks on the weekend to keep my hands free... Report
I would really like to see safety emphasized more in this article. I frequently run before dawn or around dusk in the summer months when it's too hot to run during the day. I have a reflective vest and wear Road ID in case of an accident. Drivers are frequently not careful and no matter who has the right of way, a human body will not win in a battle with a car. So please stay safe and enjoy yourselves out there!!! Report
When I walk, and it is my favorite form of activity, I try to take a different route each time just so I dont get bored looking at the same thing all the time. Report
Two days ago we had a terrible experience on a very narrow country road with a walker who was walking WITH the traffic inside the white line on edge of road. As DH attempted to go around person, vehicle came very fast in opposite direction, around a curve and down a grade. There was no choice but to get back in our lane, hit brakes and horn simultaneously, but the walker never flinched and elbow hit our right side mirror, shattering it.
Of course we stopped, but the walker would not talk to us and kept right on walking, holding elbow.
We traveled several more miles before spotting a sheriff to report incident. We were in a low area where cell phones did not work. I won't go into the rest of the details but want to emphasize: ALWAYS WALK AGAINST THE TRAFFIC, NEVER WITH IT!!!
I walk country roads and ALWAYS get off the road completely when a vehicle comes by. I even stop until they are gone. Report
Before I tore my ACL I was able to walk around Lake Arlington - north of Winsor and Palatine Roads in Arlington Heights Illinois. I believe it is a man made lake that has a walking/bike paved path that is about 2 miles around. There are benches. I would love to try and go around this summer but I am afraid of falling down. I will find a buddy to go with me when I am ready. Report
It'd be great to walk to the Park & Ride...3 miles but there aren't sidewalks most of the way. And biking would be treacherous too... I need a more pedestrian and Bike -friendly city! :D!H Report
I live in two places. My own is a beautiful small baroque Swiss city (meaning about 30 000 inhabitants haha) and it has a river you see loads of people bike and jogg along... There's beautiful woods and quiet neighbourhoods nearby. My bf's place is a town close to Basel and within 5 min you're in the woods, in the countryside or in a beautiful park with pond and art deco buildings. I've just started running and being in such nice places really helps me wanting to be outside... I do listen to music but there's little to no traffic where I run and I switch the ipod off whenever I get to a street. Report
The road where I live winds through cattle pastures and morning jog is as beautiful as it is tiring! Report
Where I live, you never leave home without a water bottle!! Report
We have had walkers beaten while on designated running paths in the "good part of town"
my sub division has no sidewalks and drivers run stop signs. Help Report

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