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Expert Solutions: Motivating Goals

SparkPeople Experts and Coaches Weigh-In on Motivation Issues and Dieting Frustrations


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  • (12-yr-old article. Updating??) - The woman eating THREE (instead of 5?) danishes every 24 hours. Sounds like a race toward diabetes. Or maybe a liver ailment, or "just" overweight or obesity. How about skipping the pastries? Sounds like an addiction. Since that was 12?years ago, really hope she got help to change!
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • Great stuff and motivation!!
  • Great article. To keep me going. Thanks

  • 1. I only put a couple of kilos on my ticker at a time - it helps watching that ticker move faster than it would if I had had 60 kilos on it!
    2. Only at the start of a month do I make a change (if I need to). For example...April I looked at portion sizes, May I stopped all grazing, and in June I have been making sure there's sufficient protein in every meal.

    These little goals have been contributing to a more consistent weight loss and increased health.
  • Loved this article.... besides,
    There's an enormous amount of great motivational "stuff" on Spark People - and the more I read, the more I understand about "The Journey" towards a healthier me.

    I began this trip as a way to make me be accountable to myself for the things I was eating every day. As I read it became very apparent that I was missing most of the picture...goal setting was a huge part. I have an "End Goal" but have taken the advice of "10% Goals" in the interim. That's working for me. I watch my daily/weekly calorie deficit like a madwoman... I also have a weekly goal to have a deficit every week - the amount is not always fixed because life is different week to week... but EVERY week has the deficit goal. Since I started in February of this year, there have been only 3 weeks that I didn't log a deficit - and all three weeks I was travelling. The goal then shifts, to make that up in the following week or two.... it's always with the "End Goal" in mind.

    IT CAN BE DONE - You can do whatever you make your mind up to do!! Thanks Sparkers!!
  • When I sat my goal to lose 50 lbs by march, I also thought this is unrealistic, and excepted that I would be happy with what ever I lost. Weight is far so much easier to put on and oh so hard to take off. I know our bodies is not like anyone else,what works for one person might not work for the other. I loved this article it keeps me focus on me, what I can do.Thank You
    Excellent article. I think it really does help to have the smaller (more easy to attain) goals as well as bigger, longer range goals. The problem I've had in the past is that i get to a certain point and then revert to old bad habits. Keep your eye on that long-term goal of improved health & fitness!
  • Great Article! This website is helping me so much!
  • Thank you. I was about to give up.
  • I want to do the danish diet!!! LOL
    For real, I really need to take a lot of this in. So much of this article is talking directly to me!!
    This article is so true. I am now 149lbs at 5'7.5" tall. A very short year ago I was 127lbs and trying to lose more weight. The weight was not coming off the way I wanted to it to and I was addicted to the scale. Because I was not losing the 2-3lbs per week as I wanted I use to binge to get over the disappointment hence gaining more weight until now.

    It took me over 30lbs later to realize that the reason I was unhappy with my weight then is because of my screwed up mentality about the weight loss PROCESS.

    Right now I want to be 120 but this time I am doing it the healthy way. Step #1 is I have thrown out the scale. I do not need to know how much I weigh everyday. Step #2 is that I am focusing on health and loving me through it all. and Step #3 is that I am being good to myself
  • I am cutting my Danish consumption down from 5 to 2 a wek, LOL! Yep, large goals with attainable and measurable small goals is one of the tools of healthy lifestyle success!
  • Goals are more than numbers lost on the scale! How did I not know that before. Staying within calorie limit, reaching my target km each week, walking the stairs in lieu of using the elevator at work. All goals worth celebrating. Thanks
  • I've always believed in setting a large in general goal and then breaking it down into smaller chunks that give you the hope and excitement to make it to the end when you reach a smaller one

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